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This is Harvest 1.6

This is a bugfix release of Harvest.

Harvest-1.5.20 was released by Simon Wilkinson with many improvements and
bug fixes over Harvest-1.4pl2.

Harvest-1.4pl2 was the last official version developed by the Harvest project

If you are interested in contributing patches, ideas or submitting
bugreports, please mail to or use the newsgroup


See INSTALL.harvest for installation and update instructions.

You can test drive Harvest starting from sites.html which lists query pages
of sites using Harvest. Please mail me if you want to be added to this list
or if you find a broken link.

Information on Harvest-1.6 is available from

Information on Harvest-1.5.20 is available from


This code is based on code developed by the Harvest Project, and is
distributed under the GPL. Programs in the components/ section of the
tree are seperate packages, and may be under their own copyrights.

In particular glimpse is distributed under a license prohibiting commercial