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                            README for MHonArc


			 Copyright (C) 1995-2000
		       Earl Hood,


    MHonArc is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
    The rules for using and copying MHonArc are explained in the file
    COPYING.  If you cannot agree to the conditions of the GPL but
    still want to use/copy the program, you must contact the author of
    MHonarc,, about arranging an alternative license.


MHonArc is a Perl program for converting mail messages as specified
in RFC 822 and the MIME standard to HTML. MHonArc can perform the
following tasks:

    * Convert MH mail folders or UUCP/Unix style mailboxes into an HTML
      mail archive.
    * Add or remove messages to an existing HTML mail archive generated
      by MHonArc.
    * Convert a single message to HTML.

Along with these tasks, MHonArc provides the following:

    * A main customizable index for mail messages archived.
    * A customizable thread index listing messages by thread.
    * Control over message formatting.
    * The ability to hook in your own custom message filters.


ACKNOWLG        Thanks to people
BUGS            Bug history
CHANGES         Revision history of MHonArc
COPYING         GNU General Public License
FILELIST	File listing used by
INSTALL         Instructions on how to install MHonArc
README          The file you are reading
RELNOTES        Release notes for MHonArc (PLEASE READ BEFORE INSTALL)
VERSIONS	List of SCCS versions of MHonArc source
admin/		Experimental web-based archive administration tool.
doc/            Documentation for MHonArc
examples/       Example resource files for MHonArc
extras/         Extra programs for use with MHonArc (See extras/README)      Installation program for MHonArc
lib/            Libraries/MIME filters used by MHonArc
logo/           Gifs of the MHonArc logo
mha-dbedit*	Modify database without regenerating pages
mha-dbrecover*	Rebuild database from HTML message pages
mha-decode*	MIME message decoder
mhonarc*        The MHonArc program


    Please read RELNOTES before installing MHonArc for any news
    about compatibility with previous versions and/or important
    usage information.

    Read the file INSTALL, or load doc/install.html into your favorite
    web client, for instructions on how to install MHonArc.


    Documentation for MHonArc is located in the doc/ directory.
    The main documentation for MHonArc is in multiple HTML files.
    Load index.html in the doc/ directory into your Web browser to
    get started.

    Filenames of the documentation do NOT follow the 8.3 convention.
    Therefore, you will need a filesystem that supports long names
    to read the documentation locally.

    Some tables are used in the documentation.  Therefore, having
    a table-capable viewer is beneficial, but not essential.
    Documentation is still readable in clients like Lynx.


    A MHonArc mailing list exists to provide a general discussion
    forum for users and developers.  The list is the main source for
    the latest news about MHonArc.

    To subscribe to the mailing list, send mail to with the single word "subscribe"
    (without the quotes) as the message body.

    Mail sent to will be distributed to all

    The list is restricted to subscribers only.  Messages sent to the
    list by non-subscribers are manually screened before distribution;
    which may incur a significant delay before the message is actually
    seen be subscribers.  Any spam messages are happily redirected
    to /dev/null.

    The WWW searchable archives of the mailing list are located at
    the following URLs:


    If you have any bugs/comments/suggestions about MHonArc, you may
    send mail to the MHonArc mailing list,

    NOTE: The author of MHonArc *IS* subscribed to the list.

    If it is a bug you are reporting, please include the following in
    your message:

        o  Version of Perl (can be retrievied by "perl -v").
        o  Version of the program (can be retrievied by "mhonarc -v").
	o  The operating system you are using (on Unix the output
	   of "uname -a" is useful).
        o  The exact command-line used to invoke the program.
        o  Error/diagnostic messages from the program.
        o  Any other information that might prove useful (eg. input
           files, resource files, environment settings, etc).

    Before sending e-mail, make sure the documentation, or FAQ, does
    not already have an answer to your question/problem.  Also, check
    the MHonArc home page to see if you have the latest version of


    If you are so inclined, feel free to send the author a donation
    if you feel guilty on using a program that that cost you nothing,
    but some poor soul sweated over.  The author is more than happy
    to provide address information to prospective donors inorder to
    ease their conscience.  Plus, requests from donors are more likely
    to get more timely responses ;-) and help insure the continued
    development of the program.

Copyright (C) 1995-2000,		Earl Hood,
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