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@(#) XT README, patchlevel 1.2 JPRadley 8 July 1997
This file (and almost every other one in the distribution) uses 4-character

The supplied .exrc file sets ts=4 and sw=4, for vi's purposes.

The current source code for xt is found at, and in the
LIBraries of UNIXFORUM and SCOFORUM on CompuServe.

	B A C K G R O U N D

Once upon a time (in 1985 or so), a fellow named Eric Coe wrote a Unix dialout
telecommunications program with xmodem called XCOMM. This program was
substantially upgraded and improved by another fellow named Larry Gensch, who
brought XCOMM up to Version 2.2. Version 2.2 included a simple script
language, 128-byte Xmodem and Compuserve Quick-B file-transfer protocols, and
some other stuff. Fred Buck then changed the program name to XCMALT, which it
maintained until June 1991, when Jean-Pierre Radley renamed it XC. 

XC is a massive expansion and modification of XCOMM 2.2. Many bugs in
XCOMM 2.2 have been fixed, and many advertised features that didn't work in
XCOMM 2.2 do work in XC. Also, XC includes a fullscreen dialing directory; a
totally rewritten and much more powerful script language allowing, among other
things, remote execution of shell commands and unattended protocol-controlled
file transfer (provided that your system also has Chuck Forsberg's "rz/sz"
Xmodem/Ymodem/Zmodem program, available as shareware from many sources), a
flexible variable mechanism, including access to shell environment variables,
and more; BREAK-signal capability; the capability to upload a file in ASCII
from within a script; and miscellaneous cosmetic changes.

But while XC incorporates much of Larry Gensch's work, it's not supported by
Larry Gensch (although he contributed the key-binding features starting with
XC3.2a). The changes from XCOMM 2.2 are the product of Steve Manes, who
installed uucp LCKfile support and special compile-time tuning for SCO Xenix,
and who wrote the fullscreen dialing directory; Fred Buck, who rewrote the
script language, performed various bugfixes and alterations, and installed
special compile-time tuning for the Tandy 6000; and Jean-Pierre Radley, who
installed the B+ Protocol, used more termcap features, and is now the
"caretaker" of XC.

In 1995, XT was built from XC. Instead of using modems to dial up a remote
computer, it uses the telnet protocol to connect via a TCP/IP link.

	I N S T A L L A T I O N

Edit Makefile: you may want to select a different compiler, compiler options,
INSDIR, an location for the man page.  Typing just "make" will compile XT.  Typing "make install.suid" will strip out its symbol table, place the program in
INSDIR, and change its modes and permissions.

The "xt.nroff" file is 'nroff' source for a manual page which describes the
command-line options, the various commands once you're running XT, script
language, file transfers, and the price of milk in Soviet Georgia in 1986.
This file MUST pass through 'tbl' and 'col', e.g.,
	 "tbl xt.nroff | nroff -man | col > /usr/man/cat.L/xt.L".

Should you lack any of those tools, then make use of the formatted "xt.1"
manual page.

Some distribution files that you might adapt to your own purposes:

		.exrc		 sets tabstops and shiftwidth to 4, which is necessary
					 to properly view almost every file in the XC distribution.
					 It also contains, commented out, macros to help read
					 CompuServe message downloads, and to prepare replies.

		.xtrc		 sample startup script, demonstrates keyboard bindings.

		.xtsco		 sample script to call CompuServe and enter SCOFORUM.

		.xta		 sample script to call CompuServe and enter, get
					 SCOForum and UnixForum, uploading any prepared messages,
					 capturing all new messages into separate files, and
					 hanging up.

		.xtcis		 sample script to call CompuServe, and stop at the
					 UserID: prompt.

		.temp_opt    meant to be called as a sub-script for temporary
					 setting of Options in a CompuServe Forum to make
					 efficient use of the other sample scripts.

		.pass		 a subscript containing passwords for various sites.
					 This should have very restrictive permissions.

		.rz			 sample script to receive files using the public
					 domain "rz/sz" package.

		.sz		 	 sample script to send files using the public domain
					 "rz/sz" package.

		cisdownload	 Bourne shell script to fetch a file from a Library
					 in a CompuServe Forum.

	X T  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

Version 1.2 Radley 8 July 97
	Renamed xt.log => xtb+log, debug.log => xt.log (clue from Bob Stockler)
	Make catman replaced by make
	Cleaned up signal() code
	Ditched unused variables
	Include formatted man page in the distribution

Version 1.1 Radley 17 Dec 95
	Switched from poll() to select() (Rich Roth)

Version 1.0 Radley 10 Oct 95
	All of xc's modem code stripped away and replaced by calls to the
	telnet protocol.

	X C  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

Version 4.5 Radley 6 Jan 1996
	DIDO=5 for AIX (Carlyle Sutphen)
	Use gettimeofday if don't have ftime (Carlyle Sutphen)
	No buffering of the capture file (Carlyle Sutphen)
	String concatenation (Carlyle Sutphen)
	Some send_string() calls were missing a length
	Fixed k_seen(), which had been broken since day 1
	Fixed size of buffer used to read current directory (Han Holl)

Version 4.4 Radley 1 Mar 1994
	Revise quoting used for getword (clue from Tom De Pauw)
	Fix extraneous ^Ms in capture files (clue from Terry Imler)
	Revised .exrc
	Include script

Version 4.3 Radley 11 Sep 1993
	Redid all time routines
	Increased B+ internal buffers to use 2K packets
	Added Debug section to man page

Version 4.2 Radley 30 Aug 1993
	Reverted to 7e|7o|8n
	Read the environment for LINES and COLUMNS (clue from Bob Stockler)
	Took out half-duplex stuff
	Added chdir capability
	Test for return type of signal() in Configure

Version 4.1 Gensch & Radley 10 Apr 1993
	Added Configure script
	Took out T6000 conditional
	Changed 7e|7o|8n to 7e2|7o2|8n1, with CSTOPB as needed

Version 3.4 Radley 13 Feb 1993
	Took out bitmask and 7bit stuff, now have 7E, 7O, or 8N capability
	Sleep(1) after PREFIX to allow modem to react (clue from Doug Scothorne)
	Fixed newbmask signalling to prevent leak into B+ (clue from Jim Asman)
	Deleted for-loops in s_dial and s_term (clue Brian Ferguson)
	Tested for CO if no CN (clue Roy Johnson)

Version 4.0 Radley 11 Jun 1992
	Used ANSI Prototype function declarations
		(this road will not be travelled further...)

Version 3.3 Radley 25 May 1992
	Provided call (clue from John Esak) and cisdownload shell scripts
	Do not fork to terminal mode if stderr is not a tty
	Added mini-menu
	Merged Larry Gensch's 3.2a additions into xcscript.c
	Used Larry Gensch's NIL-pointer macro throughout
	Make a local copy of scriptname within S_Call()
	Renamed isig() to mode()
	Rearranged sections of the manual
	Restored newbmask (clue from Doug Scothorne)
	Set ptr = word early in k_waitfor (clue from Peter Smithem)
	B+ Packet_Size requests 2k if bps > 2400 (CIS may eventually do this)
	Use BS=c_cc[VERASE] == user's ERASE key (clue from Peter Gutmann)
	Used oldmode before printing help or dialdir (clue from Bill Greene)
	SYSVR4 mods for xcport.c (Larry Rosenman)

Version 3.2a Larry Gensch 22 Sep 1991
	Made hard-coded terminal mode escape character a SETable value 
	Added dynamic keyboard binding module
	Added bind_function, bind_script, and bind_function to script language
	Added fullword synonyms for command line keywords (eg, quit, term)
	Incorporated show_bindings() into help display
	Modified help display into more readable (to me, anyway) format
	Added show_bindings() as a terminal mode function (esc - ?)
	Fixed command line input routine

Version 3.2 Radley 24 Aug 1991
	Set terminal's c_oflag to 0 (clue from Ronald Khoo)
	Openfile fix (Peter Smithem)
	Undefined toupper/tolower macros
	Removed toggle() and introduced capt_on() and capt_off()
	Changed diversion pacing back to using waitfor()
	Changed send_slowly to send_string; left out inter-character delay
	Removed newbmask
	Purge() before doing a %take (clue from Bob Stockler)
	Reinstalled xmodem crcheck as it was in 2.5 (clue from Volker Beyer)
	Rearranged some modules to make gcc happier
	Renamed intdel() to isig()
	Unscrambled the SUCCESS/FAILURE nonsense in xcscrpt.c
	Dropped trminp() in favor of fgetc()
	Reworked signal handling

Version 3.1 Radley 14 Jul 1991
	Purge() before starting B+ (Al Bolduc)
	Eliminated purge as a set option.
	Send \r, not \n, after the Byeptr (Al Bolduc)
	When diverting from a script, pace by reading modem one line at a time
	Combined capture/captflag, and cf/cfp

Version 3.0b Radley 08 Jul 1991
	Eliminated mklow/mkhigh in favor of tolower/toupper
	Shortened inter-line delay in script transmittal

Version 3.0a Radley 29 Jun 1991
	Bugs re DIDO ports logic
	Spelling errors in xc.nro
	Added Buck-type CIS macros to .exrc

Version 3.0 Radley	06 Jun 1991
	Program name XC replace XCMALT, by Jean-Pierre Radley

	Ditched nap() in favor of times()
	Cleaned up error handling in xcscrpt.c
	Used NULLS and NULLF where appropriate
	Used same crc table for xmodem and B+ (Mike Barton)
	Increased size of f[] in xcdial.c (Tom Cattrall)
	Introduced XC_PATH (Dan Everhart)
	Won't mistake a directory for a script (clue from Bob Stockler)
	Added "hangup" script keyword (Dan Everhart)
	Forced 8N1 setting on opening port (clue from John James & Russ Ranshaw)
	Cleaned up manual page
	Included 38400 speed
	Deleted ioctl(TCFLSH) from s_exit() (David Kindred)
	Fixed spurious return to dialing directory after B_Transfer (David Kindred)
	Fixed auto toggle after dialing without a script (clue from Roger Chaplin)
	Use carat-char for a ctrl-char in waitfor as well as in transmit
	Added MY_ESC-Q to quit XC from terminal mode (clue from Bill Hobson)

	X C M A L T  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

Version 2.9 Radley 02 Sep 1990
	Fixed error messages and file opening in xcb+.c when permission denied.

Version 2.8 Radley 01 Sep 1990
	Fixed interrupt handling when dialing from phonelist (clue from Jim Asman)
	Merged xcparse.c into xcscrpt.c
	Fixed backspace handling in getline()
	Used getline() inside man_dial()
	Did away with using /dev/tty
	For cron: do not bother with TERM if !isatty()
	Fixed page counting in dial directory routines (clue from Mike Squires)
	Changed Msg[80] to Msg[SM_BUFF] (clue from Dave Cardinal )
	Fixed a bad tgetstr() call (clue from Per Bilse)

Version 2.7 Radley 12 June 1990
	Merge install.doc into xcmalt.h and README
	Change xcmalt.doc to nroff source
	Add cr_add flag to insert [or not] CRs after NLs in B+ uploads

Version 2.6.1 Betz, Cattrall, Roberts, Scothorne, Radley 13 May 90
	Use separate rxbuf and kbbuf for port/keyboard input (Tom Cattrall)
	Stretched some sleep and nap delays (Doug Scothorne)
	Removed '/' from INSDIR definition in Makefile (Tom Betz)
	Fixed bug in while/do/call script/done logic (clue from Tom Roberts)
	Removed dd_done variable
	Fixed terminal(todir) logic

Version 2.6 Radley 29 April 1990
	Reinstated SCO 2.2 ungetty calls
	Deleted crc setting, xmodem now always done with CRC
	Added auto flag, automatically start capture on entering terminal mode
	Used tputs() for screen control strings.

Version 2.5 George Pontis & Jean-Pierre Radley 19 April 1990
	Use ioctl.h only for the T6000
	Fixed calls to nap() for BSD
	Fixed statbuf() declaration bug in xcport.c
	Included mklow()/mkhigh() as frontends to tolower()/toupper()
	Included NOSHELL option
	Exits mopen() if no port specified

Version 2.4 Radley	31 Mar 1990
	Made all identifiers unique in first seven characters.
	Replaced incorrect references to "baud" and "baud-rate" by
	 "bps" and "bits/second"

Version 2.3 Radley 19 Feb 1990
	B-Plus replaces Quick-B
	Reinstated xclog code
	No mungmode variable; overwriting of a file interactively confirmed.
	No term variable; all transfers return to Terminal mode.
	Added timer.c, to calibrate the built-in nap() code.

Version 2.2 Radley 05 Jan 1990
	Removed XCLUDE termio setting, which locked port on first fopen()
	Change setuid to be uid of 'uucp'
	Fixed set/get/uid routines
	Revised menu display
	Removed xclog code from xccisb.c
	Changed many TCSETAW ioctl calls to TCSETA

Version 2.1 Radley  12 Dec 1989
	Revised all inverse video displays
	Took out more unnecessary routines
	Permitted operation from 'cron' or 'at'
	Fixed some of the interrupt routines
	Removed PUT_TAKE manifest, code for put/take now always included
	Fixed some of the mopen() routines.
	Did away with DRIBBLE, use nap() instead

Version 2.0 Radley 9 Aug 1989
	Added openfile routine (credit to George Pontis)
	Added LIBDIR (credit to George Pontis)
	Used setbuf on local tty (credit to George Pontis)
	Eliminated fflush() calls
	Fixed put and take code
	Deleted SCO 2.2 ungetty stuff

Version 1.0 ...all in or about, oh, say, 1988.
	CD-independent modem opening added by Fred Buck/J-P Radley
	Broken shell-escape mechanism fixed by Fred Buck
	Tandy 6000 LCKfile support added by Fred Buck
	Flexible LCKfile support added by Steve Manes
	Same, for SCO 2.2, added by J-P Radley
	Fullscreen dialing directory added by Steve Manes
	Fullscreen dialing directory tuned by Fred Buck/J-P Radley
	Shell-escape ignore-SIGINT bug fixed by Fred Buck
	Command-mode ignore-xon/xoff bug fixed by Fred Buck
	Script parsing greatly extended by Fred Buck
	"BYE" sequence to modem on exit added by Fred Buck

	Program named XCMALT instead of XCOMM, by Fred Buck

	X C O M M  R E V I S I O N  H I S T O R Y

Version 2.2	larry gensch 14 Dec 87 Major code restructure
	Reduced program and command options
	Added SET command for setting various parameters
	Added HANGUP command for disconnecting modem
	Modified xccisb.c code to support CIS "Quick B" Protocol
	Added xcscrpt.c code for processing script files
	Added SCRIPT= parameter to phonebook processing (auto-logon scripts)
	Added CIS parameter for CIS <ENQ> auto transfers
	Added NL parameter for newline translation
	Added HANGUP command from terminal mode
	Added SCRIPT command from terminal mode

Version 2.1b	larry gensch 11 Nov 87 Bug Fix release
	(no bugs in the code, just some portability fixes)
	Changed "sigset" in xccisb to "signal"
	Removed #include <setjmp.h> from xcxmdm

Version 2.1a	larry gensch 28 Oct 87 General Update
	Added CIS "B" Protocol (c, ct commands)
	Added BAUD= & BITS= parameters to phonelist file.
	Switched some command letters
	Revised command line parsing to use getopt()

Version 2.0	larry gensch 19 Oct 87 Revisions for System V.3
	Changed <sgtty> references to <termio> (modified ioctl(2) calls)
	Changed terminal mode function keys to <ESC> sequences; added getconchr()

Version 1.1	Eric E Coe 21 Jul 85
	Autodial for Hayes-compatible modem.
	General rearranging of the code

Version 1.0	Eric E Coe 12 Apr 85
	Program created


Note: in the original XCOMM file "install.doc", Larry Gensch gave his
various mail addresses for users to reach him about bug reports, upgrade
requests, and the like. But Larry doesn't support (or in fact have anything
to do with) XC/XCMALT, except as a contributor, and the fact that
XCMALT is based on XCOMM 2.2, so there's no point in including this
information here. 
Fred Buck, who made the major changes from XCOMM to XCMALT, passed away in
early 1989.
Jean-Pierre Radley has since been shepherding the program as it evolved from

Gripes, bugs, and comments accepted by:
	Jean-Pierre Radley