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What is Koalatalk?

Koalatalk is an ICE-based message bus system. It is heavily inspired
by Tooltalk and offers the following features :

- freely distributable (X license)
- lightweight
- allows direct connections between clients (bypassing the server)
- easy migration to Tooltalk if needed (close API)
- graphic monitor to watch the traffic

The following can be retrieved from ftp location :

      Koalatalk itself
      An article describing Koalatalk

Koalatalk is not

... a better Tooltalk. Just aimed at different situations (for
example, you make a heavy use of communications between two clients
and the overhead of going through ttsession is significant) or
architectures where Tooltalk is not available.

Requirements :

KoalaTalk has been compiled on SunOS4, Solaris, Linux and OSF/1.

KoalaTalk is based on ICE, so X11R6 is needed. However, I can most likely
supply a libICE.a for your architecture if you don't have R6 yet.

The monitor is compiled with Motif 1.2.x or 2.0. If you don't have Motif,
you can use Koalatalk anyway but you won't be able to use ktmon.

Comments welcome!

Cedric BEUST, Bull Research Koala project
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