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                    INTRODUCTION TO ICB

ICB (International CB) is a teleconferencing system that allows Internet users
to participate in realtime online discussions. This package builds a client
program (called, strangely enough, "icb") that is used to access ICB.

ICB is based on Sean Casey's ForumNet ("forum" or "fn"), with his 
permission.  The new name was devised by Mark Giaquinto and John 
Atwood DeVries.  The ".orig" files are unchanged from Sean's
fn 0.10 distribution.

The actual code here is based on release 0.10 of the ForumNet client.
It has been severely modified; the ideas for the modifications came
from several places and were implemented by various souls in other versions
of the client, but this code is mine, so blame me for the bugs.


The parts of the code that are left over from ForumNet are Copyright (c) 1990 by
Carrick Sean Casey.

The GNU readline library and the modifications made thereunto are subject to
the terms of the GNU "copyleft", which is included in the readline subdirectory.

The remainder of the code is Copyright (c) 1992-1993 by Mark J. Reed.

In this package is a file called COPYING which describes the conditions
for redistributing this program. It is not a license. 


This is a limited distribution beta test version of the 5.0 client release.
It will be available publically at a later date.

Uncompressed and dearchived, the sources require a little more than
1.5 megabytes of disk. If you don't have enough disk space to compile, try
making a directory in /tmp, compiling it in there, and deleting it when
you're done.

                          SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
ICB runs on Internet Unix systems with Berkeley compatable TCP/IP
and select(). It has been successfully compiled and run on several
systems - these are detailed in the file TESTED_UNDER.


To install icb, type "make" and follow the instructions. Look at
the file "Installing" if you get really stuck.

                         MODIFYING THE PROGRAM

Guidelines and tips for messing with the source code are in the file
"Modifying". I'm always interested in getting patches from people that
have extended icb's functionality.


The file HISTORY provides information regarding program development.


Please send bug reports, fixes, and suggestions for improvements to the
following address:


Thanks to Sean Casey for starting this whole thing, and to Mark
Giaquinto and John Atwood DeVries for making sure it continued past
ForumNet's untimely end.

Thanks to Rich Dellaripa and Thomas Krueger for making this thing portable
again after I broke it.  Tom has also provided the anonymous ftp site.

Kudos for ideas and bugfixes go to Aashi Deacon, Bill Fenner, Bill
Wisner, Brian Kendig, Dan Chaney, David Herron, Eric Lechner, Eric
Scott, Eric Zamost, George Herbert, Glenn Stone, Jessica Koeppel, Jim
Griffith, Jim Lai, Joel Abbott, John deVries, Kris Cox, Lisa Hamilton,
Mark Hopkins, Paul Callahan, Stephen Chappell, Thomas Kunselman, Thomas
Krueger, Katrina Werpetinski, Keith Graham, Rich Dellaripa, Greg
Williams, and others too numerous to mention.

Mark J. Reed,