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        Get and Resume Elite EDition Ver .801 (Inf-Oval-Ln)

Get and Resume Elite EDition (GREED)
Copyright (C) 1999  Anoakie Turner
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

For more information on the GPL, please go to:

        Contact:  Anoakie Turner   

                  13240 N. 94th Pl.
                  Scottsdale, AZ 85260


	greed URL(1) URL(2)... URL(N)
	i.e. greed ftp://some.where/out/there.tar.gz

	-F:	Diables reading URLS from
	-I:	Reads URLS from standard input
	-N:	Grab the newest version of GREED
	-O#:	Change the output level (0=none...1=less...9=most) [DEFAULT = 5]
	-S:	Prints file to STDOUT
	-R:	Disables referrer URL, if a URL is specified after the -R then it defaults to
	-Rurl:	To that URL at the referrer (i.e. -R would make
		the referrer URL.  Useful for bandwidth wary sites!)
	-T:	Tests archived files after download.
	-D:	Tells greed to download X files at a time.  If no number is specified, it assumes 2 at a time.
	-B:	Sends GREED into background download mode.
		Loads a .grx file (Windows GetRight), parses it, and downloads the files specified within
	-Curl:	changes the %##'s in a URL to characters... should old be used for URL's that don't work
		correctly, or have %##'s in them ;)
	-?:	Shows you these options ;)

Cool Tricks:
	greed -i <
		downloads a list of files

	greed -d -b http://ab: HREF=mailto:cd@efg.hij>cd@efg.hij/kl/mno.p\fR
        	Drops greed into the background and downloads the 2 URLS simultaineously!

		"..." saves the URL retrieved from to freshmeat.index.html

	Edit the .greedrc

Wish List:
o  More compatibility
o  A port of Wetrix to linux (cough cough)
o  other protocols?
o  Frontend
o  Proxy support (I need help on this one)

	---==== Questions and Answers! ====---

Question?:	Where do I get greed?
Answer!: ;)

Question?:	What, no frontend for us X users?
Answer!:	One may come soon ;)  Probably in a month or so ;)

Question?:	What happened to FTP access? it's going SO SLOW now!
Answer!:	If you're one of those special people that has a
		connection faster then a modem you may have noticed
		that greed's ftp has slowed down a bit!  To fix this,
		edit your greedrc file and lower yout SPEEDUP_FTP
		value :)  before it was set to 0, now it's set to
		1000000 (that's ~1 second between commands), try
		something around 50000

Question?:	I found so and so bug when trying to do whatever...
		What should I do?
Answer!:	If you know what the bug is and how to fix it, please
		e-mail me with the answer.  Otherwise just e-mail me
		with the bug ;)

Question?:	Where is this famed greedrc I keep on hearing about?
Answer!:	Well if it doesn't exist in the current directory,
		or your home directory as .greedrc, it can be found
		in /etc/greedrc!

Question?:	I found /etc/greedrc, but I want one of my own!
		What should I do?
Answer!:	cp /etc/greedrc ~/.greedrc

Question?:	I am a sys admin and I put greed's rc in /etc/greedrc,
		but when any of my users try to run greed they get a
		segmentation fault!  What should I do?
Answer!:	give me the root password to your box :)  Just kidding :)
		just chmod 755 /etc/greedrc

Question?:	You said a frontend will come out a in a month...
		A month from when?
Answer!:	The month before the month of the day of the release
		a month later!

Question?:	You rock!  Can I send you all my money?
Answer!:	Yes ;)

Question?:	Why did you make greed?
Answer!:	For a future project coming up soon... Greed is 1/3
		of the project...  watch the greed web page for more
		details. ;)

Question?:	I need to connect through a proxy server and...
Answer!:	edit the .greedrc...  if that doesn't work, then
		drop me some mail on what you need added/why it
		doesn't work.

Question?:	I run RedHat and...
Answer!:	Just e-mail me ;)

Question?:	Why won't greed let me download files from
Answer!:	What are you talking about?  I fixed that bug in .8!
		if it's still doing it, then up the SPEEDUP_FTP time
		in your greedrc file

Question?:	Why do you end all of your answers with smilies?
Answer!:	Low blood sugar ;)

Question:	Why do I keep on getting "Error connecting to FTP
		socket for RETR!" messages... What's up with that?
Answer!:	Sometimes you can't connect to an open FTP socket for
		retrieval of a file, therefore the download fails.
		Just try again. ;)


Thanks to:
	John Douglas Rowell, for pointing out server compatibility
			bugs and a frontend
	Jan Kratochvil, for pointing out my lame errors
	Lauri Alanko, George Ruof, Jan Kratochvil, and Zach Beane
		for helping me with base64 code.
	Filippo Moretti for pointing out wierd Redhat segfaults, pointing
		out even MORE wierd segfaults on Redhat, pointing out
		some not so wierd segfaults on Redhat and inviting me
		to dinner ;).
	PClark for starting me on the road to proxy support.
	Pieter Venemans for noticing I forgot to include the HTTP_REFERRER
	Vadim Penzin noticing the home bug and my buffer sizes
	Zak McKracken for file retrieval ideas.
	Frank Loemker for submitting a patch for a platform issue or 3.
	Chris Piazza for bringing up the point that the greed distfile name
		really does matter.
	Vittorio Rebecchi for TONS of bug fixes ;)
	The guys at,,, and ;)

	Note:  Sorry if I forgot anyone... life is hectic