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$Id: README,v 1.5 2002/02/12 21:30:03 jgoerzen Exp $

This is the Gopher+ distribution based on the University of
Minnesota's Internet Gopher+ distribution for UNIX machines.
University of Minnesota actively developed this software until 1995.
In 2000, they released it to the public under the GNU General Public
License.  This represents the latest version of their tree, as adopted
by a group of programmers.  A client for VMS is included but is not
currently supported.  Here's a breakdown by directory:

announcements: Release notes, public announcements about Gopher, etc.
               Preserved here for posterity.

coders:       Files of note to Gopher developers.

debian:       Files to build gopher on Debian.  Also,
              debian/changelog is the place to look for all recent

doc:          The documentation for all parts of the distribution.
              Look here *first*.  Important files:
                   INSTALL   -- Installation instructions
                   *.changes -- Stuff that's changed from version to version
                   man pages, etc.
                   PLATFORMS -- Info on support of different platforms
                                LOOK HERE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS COMPILING!

gopher:       The Internet Gopher+ Curses client.

gopherd:      The Internet Gopher+ data/directory/index/sound Server.

gophfilt:     A Gopher "filter" program.

test:         A regression testing package, include sample data.

Please look in the directory "doc" for more information about installing
the various portions of the Internet Gopher.  Specifically refer to
the file INSTALL.

This software is Copyright 1991-2000 by the Regents of the University
of Minnesota.  This software is Copyright (C) 2000-2002 by John
Goerzen and the gopher developers.  Please refer to the file
"Copyright" for more information on restrictions of use.  Bug reports,
patches and comments may be sent to

The UMN team wishes recognize the help and code from the following people:

   UNIX network Programming   W. Richard Stevens
                              (For socket functions and error
                               routines, now unrecognizeable :-) )

   elm                        Copyrighted by the USENET trust.
                              (For UI cloning)

   WAIS	                      Brewster and co. at Thinking Machines
                              (er, now WAIS Inc.)
                              (For our UNIX generic indexing stuff)

and all of our users for their great suggestions and patches!

See the files doc/*.changes for a long list of people who have
submitted patches and code.