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		README file for DTM library
			   Version 2.3

The tar file should contain the following files.

	dtm/README		this file	
	dtm/libsrc/*		source for the DTM library proper	
	dtm/examples/*		source for sample programs	
	dtm/man/*		man pages for DTM functions
	dtm/server/*		source for the sample name server
	dtm/tutorial/*		tutorial document with example codes

This version of DTM is incompatible with DTM 1.X versions as the
format of the messages has changed.

Supported Systems

Cray, Convex, Sun, SGI, DEC (MIPS), RS6000, HP, Mac
	and most unix boxes with DOS support coming soon.


1. cd to /usr/local or your root for locally installed software packages

2. uncompress dtm2.3r6.tar.Z

3. tar xvf dtm2.3r6.tar

4. cd dtm/libsrc

5. make <MACHINE>

	where <MACHINE> is one of

	NOTE: if an error occurs about not being able to find 
			make.depend.XXX simply 'touch make.depend.XXX'
			(XXX either null or as in the error message)
			'make depend' works on some platforms to provide
			automatic dependancy generation for assitance in

		  There is support for building multiple platform versions
		  out of the same source directory.  Setting the ARCH
		  shell variable to .sun4, .sgi etc allows machine 
		  spacific version to be built in the same directory with
		  the command 'make spec'.

6. make install DIR=/usr/local

	The library will by copied into $DIR/lib
	The headers will by copied into $DIR/include

7. The examples, sample server can be built in their directories
	with 'make all' (or 'make spec' for multiple platforms)

New additions in 2.3

Limitted X support
Additional Utility functions
More stable/more portable

New additions in 2.0

Input and Output multiplexing
Support for routing/logical port names
Type of service (ASYNC/SYNC)

Future Additions

In the next version we expect better support for DOS machines
as well as a more flexible interface to application frameworks.