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 RISsetType(3DTM)                    DTM                    RISsetType(3DTM)
 DTM Version 2.0                                             DTM Version 2.0

                              29 November 1993

      RISsetType, RISgetType - Raster image typing macros.

      #include <ris.h>
      RISsetType(char *header, RISTYPE raster_type)
      RISgetType(char *header, RISTYPE *raster_type)

      RISsetType inserts into the string header the tag RIStype immediately
      followed by a tag identifying the raster_type of the image.  The tag
      type should be either RIS8BIT or RIS24BIT. See RISclass for more
      information about these two types.  It is up to the user to ensure
      that the data type specified matches the data sent. RISsetType also
      inserts the DTM type tag followed by the tag for the type DTM_CHAR.
      This is set to ensure that each RISclass message can still be
      considered a full-blown SDSclass with the data type DTM_CHAR.
      RISgetType examines the string header, and if the RIStype tag if
      found, sets the argument raster_type to be the following value.  The
      two defined values that can be returned are RIS8BIT and RIS24BIT. See
      RISclass for more information about these two types.  If the RIStype
      tag was not found within the header, the raster_type argument receives
      a default value of RIS8BIT.

      DTM, RISclass

      RISgetType returns the error DTMERROR if the header does not contain
      the tag RIStype or if no value follows the RIStype tag.  In either
      case, the value of raster_type still defaults to RIS8BIT.

      RISsetType has no way of determining if the header contains sufficient
      space to hold the tag RIStype, the raster_type value, the DTM type
      tag, and the DTM_CHAR tag.  The results of attempting to store this
      information beyond the end of the allocated space are undefined.

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