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README for CGIwrap:

This is CGIWrap - a gateway that allows more secure user access to CGI 
programs on an HTTPd server than is provided by the http server itself. The
primary function of CGIwrap is to make certain that any CGI script runs with
the permissions of the user who installed it, and not those of the server.

CGIwrap works with NCSA httpd, Apache, CERN httpd, NetSite Commerce and
Communications servers, and probably any other Unix based web server 
software that supports CGI.

CGIWrap is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See the file
COPYING in the distribution for more details. If you're going to include 
something about it in a book, I'd appreciate you sending me a copy, but it's
not required by the license.
An important note is, this script makes the CGI access MORE secure, but 
it does not make CGI "secure". By it's very nature, CGI itself can 
never be 100% secure, it is always dependent on the script itself. It is
always a good idea to pay attention to the various unix security and CGI
authoring news groups. If in doubt, show your scripts to someone who is more
experienced, they might catch something you missed.

 -- Nathan Neulinger (

Installation Instructions:
Read the documentation in htdocs/index.html for hints and installation 
instructions. *OR* Read the plain text documentation in docs/.

Quick Install:
	./configure --help
	./configure <options>
	make install
Mailing List:
CGIwrap  has  a  mailing  list  associated  with it that is useful for
discussing  CGIwrap  and  problems  and  success.  To subscribe to the
mailing list, send a note containing:


to This list is intended
for  web masters, and system administrators, however anyone is welcome
to   subscribe   and   contribute.  Submissions  to  the  list  go  to  You have to be subscribed to the
list to send mail to it.

To unsubscribe from the list, send a note containing


to  from the account that
is  subscribed to the list. Please do not send unsubscribe messages to
the  list. If you have any difficulty unsubscribing, please mail me at


The current version of CGIwrap is available from:

Also, be sure and visit CGIwrap's sourceforge project page: