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This is the README file for beepage, a Unix, Internet-aware
implementation of TAP.

	    o A Brief Description
	    o Getting Help

The beepage package includes two programs: beepaged, the Text Page
Protocol daemon which accepts pages on a well-known TCP port and
transmits them over one or more modems to a TAP (aka PET, IXA)
paging-service provider; and beep, a command-line TPP client.

beepaged has been tested on the following systems:

    OS		Versions
    --		--------
    Solaris	2.6
    Linux	RedHat 5 and higher, Mandrake 6.1, SuSE 6.3, Debian 2.1
    OpenBSD	2.3
    FreeBSD	3.4
    SunOS	4.1.4

Building beepage:

1.  Set DESTDIR in the root Makefile.  DESTDIR is the directory below
    which all binaries will be installed.  Setting it causes all
    installation-relative pathnames to be set correctly.  Each of
    MANDIR, SBINDIR, BINDIR, and ETCDIR, can also be set separately to
    control the locations of the various installed files.

2.  Review OS and installation specific options.  BEEPAGEDSYSLOG can be set
    to the syslog facility where you'd like beepaged to log.  There are
    specific options to support Solaris.  There are several options to
    enable Kerberos 4 support, and additional options to select the
    flavor of Kerberos 4 installed on your machine.

3.  When you've completed the configuration, type "make" at the root of
    the source.  This will make all binaries.

Installing beepage:

1.  The beepaged binary is installed setgid "beepage".  This group must exist.

2.  To install the binaries, type "make install" at the root of the
    source tree.  This will install all of the binaries.

3.  Add the contents of services.beepage to your /etc/services database.
    If you're using NIS (YP), add the contents of services.beepage to the
    NIS master's maps and push them.

4.  Sample config files for beepaged are in the SAMPLE directory, e.g.
    SAMPLE/users.  Install your own versions of these files in
    ETCDIR (as distributed DESTDIR/etc), e.g.  ETCDIR/users.  See
    beepaged's man page for a description of it's configuration files.

You might be interested in looking at the RSUG home page at

You may report bugs and get help by sending mail to the developers at  If you're reporting bugs, you MUST use the format
provided in the BUGS file!  We will do our best to help you.

Research Systems Unix Group
The University of Michigan
c/o Wesley Craig			+1-734-764-2278
535 W. William St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan