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                                  petidomo 4.x

Petidomo is a small but powerful package that can be used to host and maintain
mailing lists on an Unix machine. Its only requirement is that there is a
working mail transport agent installed, such as sendmail. It has -- among other
things -- the following features:

 * A simple-to-use e-mail command interface, which can be used by users and
   administrators of a mailing list to subscribe or unsubscribe addresses,
   approve postings that have been deferred or rejected, alist ll subscribed
   addresses of a list, etc.

 * Petidomo supports various modes of operation for a mailing list such as open
   lists, closed lists, and moderated lists.

 * Mailing list subscriptions or postings can be verified by requiring an
   acknowledgement. This feature is particularly useful when used for mailing
   list postings as it will keep the vast majority of all spam mail off the

 * Petidomo can host an arbitrary number of mailing lists in entirely different
   domain name spaces -- also known as "Virtual Hosting".

 * A powerful "Access Control Language" (ACL) can be used to reject, approve,
   drop, or redirect postings or subscription attempts.

 * Mailing list postings can be piped through an external "Posting Filter",
   which can modify the article before it's delivered in any way it sees fit.

 * Petidomo can be configured to add arbitrary headers to any mail that's posted
   on a mailing list.

 * Petidomo can be configured to add a signature to any mail that's posted on a
   mailing list.

The whole package is written in ISO-C and should compile out-of-the-box on any
POSIX.1 compliant system that provides a mail transport agent. It has been
released under the GNU General Public License.

For further information, please refer to the user documentation can be found at
<> or at doc/petidomo.html.