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 GETMAIL(1)                                                       GETMAIL(1)

      getmail - A mail filter that either queues requests or deposits mail

      getmail  [-b directory] [-d] [-f address] [-i file] [-m size] [-o
      mailbox] [-p [hostname:]port] [-q] [-t]

      Getmail is a mail filter that will add a request to a  queue,  deposit
      mail  in  your  mailbox,  or  both  in the case of an error.  Then the
      daemon's forward  and  outgoing  will  respectively  be  signaled  for
      forwarding  your  e-mail  or  processing  the  queue.   If your daemon
      crashed then getmail will attempt to restart it.

      Getmail accepts the following options which override the defaults.

      -b directory
           This tells getmail where to search for files.  If this option  is
           not included, all mail will be treated as private e-mail.

      -d   Tells getmail to run in debug  mode.   All  errors  are  sent  to
           stderr,  and  all messages to stdout.  Without this option or the
           -l option, both these streams are closed.

      -f address
           Forwards private e-mail to another address.  If the HOP count for
           the whole mailbox is exceeded, the daemon exits.

      -i file
           This causes getmail to readin the a file instead of  expecting  a
           pipe.  This is used with the -q option for term forwarding.

      -m size[bk]
           This is the maximum size a file can get and still  be  transfered
           as  ascii  text.   If  you want all ascii, set to 1024k , for all
           binary set to 0b.

      -o file
           This specifies a  mailbox  for  output  instead  of  the  default

      -p [hostname:]port
           A SMTP port # with an  optional  hostname  for  forwarding  mail.
           (Not compatable with the -t option.)

      -q   Tells getmail to quote the mail exactly.  Normally  a  couple  of
           minor  changes  are  needed  to  before  placing  the mail in the
           mailbox.  However,  in  the  case  of  manual  forwarding,  these
           changes have already been made...

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 GETMAIL(1)                                                       GETMAIL(1)

      -t    Use  term  to  forward  mail.   The  commands  tupload ...   and
           trsh -s getmail  ...  are  used  to tranfere e-mail.  This option
           only has an effect if getmail restarts one of  daemons  after  an
           unexpected death.

      The subject line will determine what information the user is sent.  If
      none  of these subjects is present, then the BCR Mail Handler will try
      to parce the subject as a list of filenames.   The  following  subject
      lines  are  recognized.   My  mail  handler attempts to correct common
      errors, if the subject still isn't recognized your message  is  placed
      in your mailbox.

 The following are command subjects:
           don't use uuencode and gzip

           use uuencode and gzip

           silently forwards your message to you

      bugs SAME AS silent

      re:  SAME AS silent  (i.e. You recieve replies...)

      Subject: Xconfig-file 1 2 3 Unix Faq Faq-gcc

           <basedir>/xconfig/file/1                 <basedir>/xconfig/file/2
           <basedir>/xconfig/file/3              <basedir>/unix/faq/.default

      ``|/c/bcr/bin/getmail -b /opt/ftp/pub/Linux -f''
           This mails files from  /opt/ftp/pub/Linux  and  forwards  private
           e-mail to

      ``|/c/bcr/bin/getmail -t''
           This forwards all e-mail via term. Getmail should exist  on  both

           This will be a log of any getmail errors.

           This is a list of users who  won't  be  allowed  to  submit  file
           requests.    The   first   time  getmail  runs,  this  file  will

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 GETMAIL(1)                                                       GETMAIL(1)

           automatically be generated.  Afterwards,  you  may  add  as  many
           users  as  you  want.   You want to list anyone you don't want to
           automatically reply to.  This should include any mail lists  such
           as linux-activists you subscribe to.

           If this file exists, anyone not  listed  in  this  file  will  be
           denied access to the file request queue.

           This is a queue of files requested.  Use "daemon -o"  to  process
           these requests.

           This letter will be sent when a persons subject isn't recognized.

           This file contains the process id of the "receive" daemon.

           This file contains the process id of the "outgoing" daemon.

           If a person requests a directory name instead of a file,  getmail
           will  check  for  a  .default  file  in  that  directory to send.
           Normally this should be an index or a readme file.

      Often HP-UX reports NO SUCH PROCESS when getmail  attempts  to  signal
      the  daemon.   In  this case the old daemon is killed and a new one is
      started to process  the  request.   This  can  be  a  problem  if  you
      specified  different  forwarding options for daemon than specified for

      Bill C. Riemers,

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