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Networking/Mail Category

This category holds programs which deal specifically with electronic mail.

Package Name Description
BCRMail-3.14An e-mail filter and a daemon
MReply-1.75A mail server for incoming messages
abook-0.5.6A text-based addressbook program
abook-0.6.0pre2A text-based addressbook program
althea-0.5.7IMAP e-mail client for X Windows
antispam-0.9.1A daemon that keeps an eye on the mail log
asmail-0.54A "mail-checker" like xbiff
blackmail-0.29.1Highly configurable SMTP mail filter
cyrus_imapd-2.5.9An implementation of a sealed IMAP server
elm-2.5.8An interactive mail system using the curses environment
exim-3.35The Cambridge EXIM mail transfer agent
faces-1.6.1A visual mail, user and print face server
fetchmail-6.3.26Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fetchmail-6.4.13Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
fetchmail-6.4.37Remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility
hbiff-5.10Mailbox flagger for X windows
hypermail-2b25A program to translate Unix mailboxes to HTML
ishmail-2.0.0A powerful and convenient email tool
kit-2.0The ultimate set of mailing programs
libesmtp-1.0.6Library to manage mail using SMTP
mailfilter-0.0.1A mail filter
mcvert-2.16MacBinary to BinHex file conversion utility
melon-1.3A simple utility that notifies you of new email
mm-2.7Implementation of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
mudecode-1.0Decodes uuencoded and MIME base64-encoded files
mutt-1.14.7An email client
mutt-1.5.21An email client
mutt-1.8.3An email client
mutt-2.2.12An email client
nail-11.25Supports SMTP to send messages directly to a remote server
nmh-1.0.4A powerful electronic mail handling system
petidomo-4.0b6Small and efficient mailing list package
petidomo-4.3Small and efficient mailing list package
pine-4.64Another interactive mail system using curses
pine2mutt-0.2Simple perl-script to switch from pine to mutt
pmail-0.9.3A small mail transfer client
procmail-3.22A mail processing package for Sendmail, smail, etc
qiv-2.1.pre12An image viewer
qpopper-4.1.0A server for downloading Internet e-mail via POP3
ripmime- to extract attachments from mail
smtpclient-1.0.0A minimal SMTP client
ssmtp-2.38.7A replacement for sendmail
stuphead-0.5.3A fast e-mail client and news reader
sylpheed-3.3.0An e-mail and news reader client based on GTK+
sylpheed-3.6.0An e-mail and news reader client based on GTK+
sylpheed-3.7.0An e-mail and news reader client based on GTK+
tulp-4.1.0A Unix mailing-lists manager program
uudeview-0.5.20Powerful encoder/decoder for binary files
wmf-1.0.5Converting Emails to HTML and make index files
xbaff-2.00Displays window details of user's mailbox
xbuffy-3.1Replacement for Xbiff based on Xmultibuff
xfaces-3.3Displays images representing mail waiting to be read
xlassie-1.8A replacement mail notification tool
xmailbox++-1.2Colour mailbox flagger for X Windows
xmailwatcher-1.0This is yet another mail watcher
xmultibiff-2.2X-based multiple mailbox and newsgroup watcher
yafc-0.7.3OPenSource console mode FTP client