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gnut -- Un*x/Win32 Gnutella Client

If you're new to gnut and/or gnutella in general, I highly recommend you
read the file TUTORIAL, an excellent introduction to gnut written by
Elijah <> 

NOTES: This version has been tested successfully on Linux 2.2.14,
SunOS 5.5-5.7, FreeBSD 2.8, 3.4, 4.0-RELEASE, and now WIN32!!!

In order to compile under Win32, use the supplied wgnut.dsw file.
In order to compile with Gnome support, you must do a
  "configure --enable-gnome" and have libglade installed.

The INSTALL document describes how to build gnut. If you are running
a fairly recent (less than a year old) release of Linux, it will amount
to the following steps:
  # untar the tarfile, which creates a directory "gnut-0.X.XX"
  # go into the directory that was just produced
  ./configure  # or 'sh ./configure' if in csh on SysV
  src/gnut     # to test the executable to see if it works
  make install # if you want to put it in a public directory like
               # /usr/local/bin

Usage: gnut [OPTION] ... [HOST] ...
Client for the Gnutella distributed file sharing network.

  -l [arg]      	sets the initial logging level to arg
  -c [file]     	specify a script to run at startup
  -p [port]     	port to listen on
  -i [ip/interface] ip (or interface to get ip) to broadcast as our own 
  -d            	daemon mode, never ask for input
  -x            	exit after having run any scripts
  -v            	output version information and exit
  -h            	display this help and exit
Report bugs to

All documentation can now be perused at your leisure in the Gnut Manual
at  or at gnut's old home

This file, and everything contained in this package is distributed under
the terms of the GNU General Public License, the terms of which can
be found in the file COPYING.

Wow!  You made it through reading all of that crap up above.  If you have any
questions/comments/suggestions/patches/ideas, please send them to Robert, or contact Josh at (but he will be busy
during summer 2000)


- Robert Munafo, 11 July 2000