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This is README of nttcp-1.4:

This program is a much more convenient version of the ttcp program.
It uses inetd (or simulates its behaviour) to start off the remote
side program which will send/receive data. Both sides measure the time
and number of bytes transfered. The local side will print the measures.
The format of the output can be specified on the commandline.
==> More info can be found in the manpage nttcp.1 -- especially in the
    section INSTALLATION.

For a first try you may simply call: make. 
If this does not work, look for an option setting suitable for your
operating system / compiler. Set this from the commandline or from
the Makefile (I prefer to set ARCH, OPT, DBG from the commandline).
If nothing works, let me know. You may tell me also if it

					Elmar Bartel,  1997-06-26.

What's new since 1.3:
   . multicast support:
     Just put more destination hosts on the commandline.
     Multicast is only available on systems, that support multicast
     in their IP implementation:
	 Solaris 5.*,
	 IRIX [56].*,
	 FreeBSD if compiled with MROUTING
   . Two environment variables NTTCP_LOC_OPT and NTTCP_REM_OPT
     to override builtin default values. 
   . remarks to SECURITY in man page
   . reset uid if we are executing as root

   			Elmar Bartel, 1998-10-06.

What's new since 1.2:
  -g switch to configure the gap time between UDP packets
   . some clarifying comments in the source and man page

   			Elmar Bartel, 1997-06-26.

What's new since 1.1:

  -S switch to initialize the pattern generator
  -p switch to use another port to listen to
  -i switch simulate inetd behaviour.
  -R switch to caclulate the getpid()-calls per second