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LZMA Utils - legacy branch


    LZMA Utils is an attempt to provide LZMA compression to POSIX-like
    systems. The idea is to have a gzip-like command line tool and
    a zlib-like library, which would make it easy to adapt the new
    compression technology to existing applications.

This release

    This is a stable release from the legacy branch of LZMA Utils. This
    contains a limited gzip-like command line tool, decoding-only library
    with zlib-like API, and some helper scripts for grepping and diffing.
    The legacy branch gets only bug fixes. It is maintained until the new
    code base becomes stable.


    The current LZMA_Alone file format will be replaced with a new .lzma
    format. The new format fixes various problems the LZMA_Alone format
    such as lack of magic bytes and integrity check. The new tools will
    transparently support the files in the old format, but the old tools
    will never support the new format files.

    lzmainfo will be gone. "lzma -l" i.e. "lzma --list" will replace it.
    It's like "gzip -l" but for .lzma files. The output format will be
    different from gzip and lzmainfo.

    liblzmadec will be gone. It will be replaced with liblzma, which
    supports also compression and many other things.

    lzmadec will use liblzma instead of liblzmadec. lzmadec will support
    giving the filenames to decode on the command line, and support
    memory usage limitting.


    The preferred way to contact is joining #tukaani on the Freenode
    IRC network, and talk to Larhzu. Alternatively, you can email to