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jabberd 1.4.4

Welcome to the world of Jabber 1.4!

This README is very sparse. Visit jabberd's homepage for further
documentation including an installation guide and configuration

For quick information on what has to be changed if you upgrade
from an older version of this software, please look at the
UPGRADE file. In the NEWS file you get a list of what has changed
in the server functionality. Both files might be of interest for
users of prior versions of this software.


  Installation instructions

    for an in-depth installation guide!

  First, untar or move this folder into the final install location
  (such as /usr/local/jabber).

  To build, run "./configure" and then type "make".

  To install on your system, run "make install".

  Edit jabber.xml, replace "localhost" by the host name of your
  server throughout the file. Edit other values as desired.

  To start:
    jabberd -h -B

  Optional: for lots of debug output, use the -D flag

  Optional: to specify a config file other than ./jabber.xml, use
  -c /path/to/file.xml

  Error messages are written to the ./error.log and copied to STDERR.

  To test operation, connect to the domain name you used with any
  client and register new users.