Searches text for strings or approximations thereof

Agrep is similar to the standard UNIX grep utility, but is more general, and according to its authors, usually faster. Its most notable feature is the approximate pattern matching facility. Agrep has other features not found in the grep family: It is record rather than line orientated; pattern matches can be output in a larger context than a single line. Multiple search patterns can be specified with AND/OR logic.


Operating System Architecture Package Type Package Size Date Archived View Contents? Download
HP-UX 11.20
32-bit Itanium 1 or 2Gzipped
Binary Depot
98 K5 Aug 2002YesHTTP FTP
HP-UX 11.00
32-bit PA-RISC 1.1Gzipped
Binary Depot
61 K5 Aug 2002YesHTTP FTP
HP-UX -Tarred/Gzipped
Source Code
85 K5 Aug 2002YesHTTP FTP