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Misc Category

This category contains miscellaneous packages. These packages that do not easily fit into the other categories on the Archive.

Package Name Description
GLfunge98-0.9.04This is the best Funge interpreter
PDL-2.3.2Perl Data Language Module
agat-1.5Another Graphic Animation Tool for programmers
agrep-4.0Searches text for strings or approximations thereof
arc-5.21pArchive utility compatible with IBM PC and Atari ST Arc
asclock_xlib-2.0.11The best clock for the best X-windowmanager
asp2php-0.77.3ASP to PHP converter
astime-2.8This is an AfterStep look & feel analog clock for X Windows
astrolog-5.4.0An astrology calculation program written in C
bptb-1.0Basilisks Practical ToolBar for Motif
bzip2-1.0.6A new block-sorting file compressor
cbar_vi-1.0Adds change bars when updating documents
cdecl-2.5A program for encoding C declarations
cextract-1.7C prototype/documentation extractor
cnice-0.6A text mode X application for examining colours
conc-0.5Prog to making concordances of words
csound-2.00bDigital audio processing and sound synthesis system
cstream-3.1.1A general-purpose stream-handling tool like UNIX' dd
easter-2.1.1A program to calculate Easter dates
fgen-0.3A makefile generator for GNU Make for f90
findgrep-1.0A recursive grep in written perl
glimpse-4.12.6Glimpse is an indexing and query system
grappe-3.0A sophisticated pattern matching program
jabber-1.4.4XML-based protocol for instant messaging and presence
jbigkit-2.0A library of compression and decompression functions
jbigkit-2.1A library of compression and decompression functions
k_lendars-1.5A multi user or standalone calendar and diary
lbzip2-2.3Multi-threaded bzip2 compression program
lbzip2-2.5Multi-threaded bzip2 compression program
lha-114iArchiver utility upwards compatible with LHarc (lzh format)
libhtmlw-2.7The HTML Widget Library source code
libidn-1.28Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
libidn-1.32Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
libmemcached-0.46Library and utilities to work with memcached
libmemcached-0.48Library and utilities to work with memcached
libprint-1.1A library of printf routines for C
libzip-0.11.2C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
libzip-1.1.3C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives
lincks-2.2Object-centred multi-user database system
lyap-1.0Program to calculate maps of Lyapunov space
lzip-1.15LZMA file compressor
lzip-1.18LZMA file compressor
lzlib-1.5LZMA compression and decompression library
lzlib-1.8LZMA compression and decompression library
lzma-4.32.7LZMA compression utilities for POSIX systems
memcached-1.4.27High performance memory object caching system
memcached-1.4.9High performance memory object caching system
mkisofs-1.12b5Creates an iso9660 fs with optional Rock Ridge attributes
mpg123-1.17.0An MPEG audio player for Layers 1, 2 and 3
mpg123-1.23.5An MPEG audio player for Layers 1, 2 and 3
off-1.0A library for reading and writing Object File Format files
p7zip-15.14.1UNIX port of the Windows 7-Zip compression suite
p7zip-9.20.1UNIX port of the Windows 7-Zip compression suite
pbzip2-1.1.13Parallel bzip2 file compressor
pbzip2-1.1.8Parallel bzip2 file compressor
plzip-0.9Multi-threaded LZMA compressor
plzip-1.4Multi-threaded LZMA compressor
pnmtopng-2.37.5A graphics utility programs for converting PNG files
qterm-6.0.3Program to find out what kind of terminal is running
rplay-3.2.0b6Play sampled sounds on either local or remote machines
schedule-1.0This emulates a wall calendar for terminals
sgrep-1.94aSgrep is a tool for querying almost any kind of text file
splitvt-1.6.3Run two shells in a split window
tiff2png-0.91A program to convert tiff files into png files
undump-1.1A utility for producing pre-loaded executables
unzip-6.0List, test or extract from a ZIP archive file
usat-1.01aA satellite tracking package
vgp-1.1A tool for showing 3-D vectors on the globe
wcd-5.2.4Wherever Change Directory chdir extension
wcd-5.3.2Wherever Change Directory chdir extension
xz-5.0.5Data compression library and command line tools
xz-5.2.2Data compression library and command line tools
zip-3.0Archiver and compressor popular on MS-DOS systems
zlib-1.2.8A general purpose compression library based on gzip