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Maths/LinAlgebra Category

This category contains mathematics packages of the subject linear algebra.

Package Name Description
AlGebraic-0.1AlGnomegebraic is a simple calculator
GraphThing-0.1A tool to create mathematical objects
Multcomp-1.98A program to implement P F Thalls Bayesian designs
dates-0.7Reminder for recurrences or dates that require attention
fofx-0.5A function grapher for character cell terminals
freefem-3.4A language for the finite element method
gts-0.5.1The GNU Triangulated Surface Library
gyapp-1.0.0Yet Another Plotting Program for GTK
lsystem-1.1Lindenmayers fractal generation scheme
mpc-1.0.1A multi-precision complex arithmetic library
mpc-1.0.3A multi-precision complex arithmetic library
mpfr-3.1.2The Multiple Precision Floating Point Reliable Library
mpfr-3.1.5The Multiple Precision Floating Point Reliable Library
pcalc-0.01A command line programmers calculator
rblas-1.1The BLAS library in C generated with f2c
rfft-1.2The FFT library in C generated with f2c
rlab-1.25Interpreter for the RLaB Programming Language/Environment
rlap-2.0Library contains the LAPACK in C generated with f2c
rnlib-1.1The RANLIB library in C generated with f2c
spline-2.9cA program for fitting a smooth curve using splines
umatrix-1.1A simple package to demonstrate high school matrices
xmdb-1.0A set of tools for generating and viewing fractals
yacas-1.0.47Yet Another Computer Algebra System