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The SPIN Library				 1.Mar.88
Written by Jim McBeath (jimmc) at SCI

This is version 1.0 of SPIN, a Simple Programmable INterface.
It is intended to make life easier when developing programs;
it is not commercial quality, but should be modular enough that
any competent programmer can incrementally improve those parts
of it which suit his needs.

Files of interest:
    *.[ch]	The source files for spin.
    Makefile	Exactly that.
    README	What you are looking at right now.
    spin.3	Source for man page.  Describes (briefly) what
		spin is all about.
		Use "make man" to create spin man file (
    cont.sp	A sample spin file.

What to do (after unpacking):
1. Use "make man" to create from spin.3.  Read it.
2. Make the library and program by doing a simple "make".
3. Test the program (spin) by running it and issuing the following commands
   (you type in the stuff on the lines after the ">" prompt):
	STRING spin v1.0 1.Mar.88
	>plus 1 2
	add 1 2
	INT 3
	>strcat foo ".bar"
4. Make the lint library (for other programs) by doing "make lintlib".
   You are now ready to link other programs with spin.
5. Send me your comments, wishes, and improvements.

		-Jim McBeath  {decwrl|oliveb|weitek|auspyr}!sci!jimmc