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 GST(1)                                                               GST(1)

      gst - GNU Smalltalk

      gst [options] files ...

      This manual page documents briefly the gst command.  This manual page
      is not a full reference.  The program, instead, has documentation in
      the GNU Info format; see below.

      The programs follow the usual GNU command line syntax, with long
      options starting with two dashes (`-').

      -a, --smalltalk
           Make command line arguments available to smalltalk code.

      -c, --core-dump
           Produce core dumps on fatal signals.

      -d, --user-declaration-trace
           Trace compilation of user specified files.

      -D, --kernel-declaration-trace
           Trace compilation of kernel and user specified files.

      -e, --user-execution-trace
           Trace execution of files specified on the command line.

      -E, --kernel-declaration-trace
           Trace execution of kernel and user files.

      -g, --no-gc-messages
           Suppress garbage collection messages.

      -h, -H, -?, --help
           Show summary of options.

      -i, --rebuild-image
           Ignore the saved image file; always load from the kernel method
           definition files.

      -I FILE, --image-file FILE
           Use FILE as the image file to load.

      -l, --log-changes
           Produce a log of the compiled Smalltalk code to ./

      -L FILE, --log-file FILE
           Produce a log of the compiled Smalltalk code to the file FILE.

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 GST(1)                                                               GST(1)

      -q, --quiet, --silent
           Suppress the printing of execution information while running.

      -Q, --no-messages
           Suppress the printing of execution information and any other
           informative message.

      -r, --regression-test
           Disable certain informative I/O; used by the regression testing

      -s, --store-no-source
           Store all methods' source code as FileSegments.

      -S, --snapshot
           Save a snapshot after loading files from the command line.

      -v, --version
           Show version of program.

      -V, --verbose
           Print extra diagnostic information while running.

      -y, --yacc-debug
           Turns on parser debugging.

      GNU Smalltalk is documented more fully by the info pages.  An
      excellent reference on Smalltalk in general is Smalltalk-80: the
      Language and its Implementation, by Adele Goldberg and David Robson.

      This manual page was written by Alexander Shinn <>, for
      the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

      GNU Smalltalk was developed by Steve Byrne, Paolo Bonzini, Brad
      Diller, with contributions from many others.

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