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 SIZZLE(1)                       2000-06-27                        SIZZLE(1)
                          Sizzle Scheme interpreter

      sizzle - interpreter for the Scheme programming language

      sizzle [-schvd] [--script=FILE] [--eval=EXPR] [--debug] [--help]
      [--version] [arguments...]

      This documentation is no longer being maintained and may be inaccurate
      or incomplete.  The Texinfo documentation is now the authoritative

      sizzle is an interpreter for the Scheme programming language.  It can
      be used both to use it in an interactive read-eval-print loop or for
      executing scripts written in Scheme.

      -s, --script=FILE
           Execute FILE as a Scheme script and pass all remaining arguments
           to the script.

      -c, --eval=EXPR
           Execute EXPR as a Scheme expression and exit.

      --   Stop scanning arguments, pass remaining arguments to Scheme code.

      -l, --load=FILE
           Load Scheme source code from FILE

      -e, --eval=FUNCTION
           After reading script passed with --script apply FUNCTION to
           command line arguments.

      -h, --help
           Print a usage message and exit with a status code indicating

      -v, --version
           Print version information on standard output then exit.

      -q, --no-init-file
           Do not load the user init file.

      -n, --no-system-init-file
           Do not load the system init file.

      -d, --debug
           Increase the debugging level.  This option can be specified more
           than once, each time it is given the debugging level is increased
           and more debugging messages will be printed to standard error.

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