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This is version 3.2 of Siod, Scheme In One Defun.

It is a small implementation of the Scheme programming language
with some database, unix programming and cgi scripting extensions.
The runtime footprint of the basic system is fairly small, with
the libsiod shared library linking to about 70kbytes of code on a
VAX using the standard DEC compilers for VMS. Results on other processor
architectures should scale accordingly.

George Carrette, June 16, 1996.

The standard distribution contains unix manual pages in source
and text (txt) formats. A number of command files are provided that
invoke the interpreter to perform useful and/or exemplary tasks.
Support files and extensions 


  unix .... the makefile has different targets for common
            operating system variants, and has been tested on all systems
            included in file.
   vms .... descrip.mms or The linker-options files
            provided are for VAX architecture implementations.
 win32 .... i.e. Windows 95 and Windows NT. use make.bat
            This makes a dll that can be used from any application,
            and a main console-mode program, siod.exe
 mac   .... The THINK C siod project must include siod.c,slib.c,slib.c,
            sliba.c, siodm.c, ANSI. The compilation option require 
            prototypes is recommended. Hasn't been tested with release 3.2
 amiga .... probably still works with minor source modifications.

References: comp.compilers, sunsite siod.lsm


siod.html is a sectionalized/cross-linked document in hyper text markup
language covering language built-in procedures, extensions, and
how to write extensions and use the shared library libsiod
from other C programs. But refer to the manual pages for
command line flags and parameters.


The most recent version can usually be obtained from
the location


Entry in the free database catalog from

David Muir Sharnoff <>

name:		SIOD (Scheme In One Defun/Day)
version:	3.2
interface from: C, C++, Scheme
interface to:	Oracle, Digital RDB, flat ascii, flat binary. Sybase.
access methods: flat files contain symbolic expression such as hash tables.
multiuser:	yes with commercial DB, no with flat files.
transactions:	yes with commercial DB, no with flat files.
distributed:	yes with commercial DB, no with flat files.
query language: SQL, any SCHEME program.
limits:		None.
robustness:	?
description:	This is a scheme interpreter with built-in procedures using
		the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and DIGITAL RDB SQL Services.
		You can use it merely as a flexible database loader/unloader
		with fast binary flat-file data save/restore. Or you can
		use it to apply the classic Symbolic Manipulation or
		Artificial Intelligence techniques on your data sets.
		The main-program can be oriented towards batch, character-cell
		terminal, or Window/GUI. Sybase via ct library.
                The system also provides a general purpose unix scripting 
                language environment.
references:	Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs MIT Press.
announcements:	comp.lang.scheme, comp.databases.rdb,
bugs:		Contact the author.
requires:	C compiler, your favorite commercial DB.
author:		George Carrette <>
how to get:	ftp pub/gjc/siod* from or from
updated:	1996/06/12