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This is sgmls, an SGML parser derived from the ARCSGML parser
materials which were written by Charles F. Goldfarb.  (These are
available for anonymous ftp from [] in the
directory SIGhyper/SGMLUG/distrib.)

The version number is given in the file version.c.

The file INSTALL contains installation instructions.

The file NEWS describes recent user-visible changes.

The file contains a Unix manual page; sgmls.txt is the
formatted version of this.

The file sgml-mode.el contains a very simple SGML mode for GNU Emacs.

The files sgmls.c and sgmls.h contain a small library for parsing the
output of sgmls.  This is used by sgmlsasp, which translates the
output of sgmls using an ASP replacement file, and by rast, which
translates the output of sgmls to the format of a RAST result.  The
files and contain Unix manual pages for sgmlsasp
and rast; sgmlsasp.txt and rast.txt are the formatted versions of

The file LICENSE contains the license which applies to arcsgml and
accordingly to those parts of sgmls derived from arcsgml.  See also
the copyright notice at the beginning of sgmlxtrn.c.  The parts that
were written by me are in the public domain (any files that were
written entirely by me contain a comment to that effect.)  The file
sgml-mode.el is covered by the GNU GPL.

Please report any bugs to me.  When reporting bugs, please include the
version number, details of your machine, OS and compiler, and a
complete self-contained file that will allow me to reproduce the bug.

James Clark