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 DIRENT(4)                                                         DIRENT(4)
                             Standard Extension

      dirent - file system independent directory entry

      #include <sys/types.h>
      #include <sys/dirent.h>

      Different file system types may have different directory entries.  The
      dirent structure defines a file system independent directory entry,
      which contains information common to directory entries in different
      file system types.  A set of these structures is returned by the
      getdents(2) system call.

      The dirent structure is defined below.
      struct    dirent    {
                     long           d_ino;
                     off_t               d_off;
                     unsigned short      d_reclen;
                     char           d_name[1];

      The field d_ino is a number which is unique for each file in the file
      system.  The field d_off represents an offset of that directory entry
      in the actual file system directory.  The field d_name is the
      beginning of the character array giving the name of the directory
      entry.  This name is null terminated and may have at most NAME_MAX
      characters in addition to the null terminator.  This results in file
      system independent directory entries being variable-length entities.
      The value of d_reclen is the record length of this entry.  This length
      is defined to be the number of bytes between the beginning of the
      current entry and the next one, adjusted so that the next entry will
      start on a long boundary.



      The field d_off does not have a simple interpretation for some file
      system types and should not be used directly by applications.

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