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README file for libdlist

This library implements a double linked list ADT (abstract data type).
The list can contain arbitrary data or pointers. It can allocate memory for
the data or just store a pointer. Functions are included to walk the list,
and to add and remove items.

The makefile uses several UN*X/GNU tools, and might have to be changed
considerably for other platforms. This is especially true for the commands
to build shared libraries. If anyone writes a makefile for another
platform, I'll be happy to include it the distribution.

Installing the library

Read the Makefile. Change the directory where the header-file (HDEST),
libraries (LDEST) and manual-page (MDEST) will be installed to your
preferences (they should work pretty well on Linux systems).

Tip for GCC users: Set the environment variables C_INCLUDE_PATH and
LIBRARY_PATH to include the locations mentioned in the makefile to help GCC
find your include- and library files once you start using the library.

Do a "make all" to build the library.

Login as root, change to the source directory, and do a "make install". You
might want to check beforehand that no other library/header file with the
same name exists in the installation directories, *since they will be
replaced*. Linux users should issue the `ldconfig' command after installing
the shared library, so that the shared library loader knows where to find
the library.

The istallation procedure installs both a static and a shared version of
the library. If you want to link with the shared library, use `-ldlist' when
linking. To use the static library, use `-ldlist_s'.

Removing the library

Login as root, change to the source directory, and do a "make uninstall" to
remove the shared library, header file and manual page. You can than delete
the source code tree.

Contacting the author

Please send bugs, patches, features you'd like to see etc. to me.
You can contact me at the following addresses.

snail-mail:    R. Smith
               Dr. Hermansweg 36
               5624 HR Eindhoven
               The Netherlands