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This directory contains Version 9.3.2 of the Icon programming language.

This material is in the public domain.  You may use and copy this material
freely. This privilege extends to modifications, although any modified
version of this system given to a third party should clearly identify your
modifications as well as the original source.

The responsibility for the use of this material resides entirely with you.
We make no warranty of any kind concerning this material, nor do we make
any claim as to the suitability of Icon for any application.

Installation instructions and other documentation are available from the
Icon web site listed below.

Please note:  This distribution includes both a compiler and an interpreter,
but only the interpreter is supported.  It gets into execution quickly and
is fast enough for almost all applications.  Although the compiler produces
programs that run faster, it requires a large amount of memory and disk
space and is slow to get into execution, and we no longer maintain it.

For more information or assistance, contact:

	Icon Project
	Department of Computer Science
	The University of Arizona
	P.O. Box 210077
	Tucson, AZ   85721-0077
	voice: (520) 621-6613
	fax:   (520) 621-4246