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Mas is a maintainability assessment tool for analyzing C programs.
The following are some notes on the installation and make of Mas.

First ftp it to your system, and find a suitable directory for the
mas subdirectory.  Place the mas.tar.Z file there and type:

zcat mas.tar.Z | tar xfv -

This will create the subdirectory 'Mas'.  Change to this new sub-
directory and edit the Makefile.  The comments will direct you to the
lines that need to be changed so Mas will work from your account.
Most important of the changes is the line that starts with "MASHOMEDIR=". 
It needs to be set to the path where your copy of Mas resides.

The easiest way to fix this line is to do a 'pwd' at the prompt in 
the Mas directory and copy that path into the Makefile.  Don't forget 
the trailing slash!

Save your version of the Makefile and then type: make

This will make the entire system and leave the binaries in that directory.
When it is finished compiling, you should test it on the files in that
directory first, and then try it on files outside the directory.

To run mas, type on the command line 'mas file.c'.  This will create at
least two files, and file.c.metrics. contains 
a human readable report of the metric calculations for that c file.  The
file file.c.metrics contains the metrics in a spread sheet readable format.
A file names file.c.parse.log may be created if there were errors during 
the processing of file.c.

An users guide to mas is included in the distribution files in latex 
format.  It is located in a file called guide.tex.  Latex the guide 
twice on the command line with 'latex guide' and then run dvips 
(or its equivalent) on guide at the command line with 'dvips guide'.  
The result will be a postscript file of the Mas users manual in

Mas was developed under the sponsorship of Hewlett-Packard Corporate

For problems and technical assistance contact Software Engineering
Test Lab, University of Idaho, 208-885-6899.