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This directory contains the initial release of GNU Common C++ "2".  This 
release is provided for testing and development and in many ways 
represents a significient refinement of the prior GNU Common C++ "1" 
(1.9.x) releases.

Many changes exist in GNU Common C++ "2" over prior releases that will
effect your code.  These include a standardized naming convention as
documented in the new developer docs, and many classes have been
restructured for greater convenience and portability.

GNU Common C++ "2" represents the work of a number of people, and in 
particular the efforts made by Freddy Ziglio.  Along with or shortly 
after this release, new releases of GNU ccAudio, GNU ccScript, and GNU 
ccRTP will also be available.  GNU Bayonne 1.0 will also be based on GNU 
Common C++ "2".

GNU Common C++ "2" can be installed alongside prior releases of GNU Common 
C++.  This new release uses non-conflicting include directories and 
library pathnames.

An overview document (OVERVIEW.TXT) is provided which provides a good
overview and summary of GNU Common C++ usage, features, and functions.  
Extensive class-by-class functional documentation is also provided in
browsable form in the "doc" directory.

GNU Common C++ is normally built and installed as a set of shared object
libraries and header files.  These libraries and headers are installed
using directories selected through a "configure" script that has been
prepared with automake and autoconf.  As such, they should build and
install similarly to and in a manner compatible and consistent with most
other GNU software.

GNU Common C++ is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU Public
License.  See the file COPYING.TXT for copying conditions. Please also
note that additional priviledges currenly apply to the use of Common C++
as noted in each and every source file.  These privileges are similar to
the terms Guile is licensed under and constitute priviliges similar to the

Any comments, questions, patches, and/or bug reports should be sent to