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-- $Id: README,v 1.2 2004/03/28 17:24:53 tom Exp $

The original README is below.  I've updated this version of Berkeley Yacc
to make it ANSI C compliant - Thomas Dickey

    Berkeley Yacc is an LALR(1) parser generator.  Berkeley Yacc has been made
as compatible as possible with AT&T Yacc.  Berkeley Yacc can accept any input
specification that conforms to the AT&T Yacc documentation.  Specifications
that take advantage of undocumented features of AT&T Yacc will probably be

    Berkeley Yacc is distributed with no warranty whatever.  The code is certain
to contain errors.  Neither the author nor any contributor takes responsibility
for any consequences of its use.

    Berkeley Yacc is in the public domain.  The data structures and algorithms
used in Berkeley Yacc are all either taken from documents available to the
general public or are inventions of the author.  Anyone may freely distribute
source or binary forms of Berkeley Yacc whether unchanged or modified.
Distributers may charge whatever fees they can obtain for Berkeley Yacc.
Programs generated by Berkeley Yacc may be distributed freely.

    Please report bugs to


Include a small example if possible.  Please include the banner string from
skeleton.c with the bug report.  Do not expect rapid responses.