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This is version 1.4 of libavl, a library in ANSI C for manipulation of
balanced binary trees.  Functions for use with three varieties of AVL
tree and one type of red-black tree are included.  There is full
documentation, including an explanation of what AVL and red-black
trees are and why you'd use them, in Texinfo, Info, HTML, and plain
text formats.

The library is divided into three parts, described in more detail
below.  You need only include the files for the types of trees that
you are using.

	- avl.h, avl.c: Unthreaded AVL tree library.
	- avlt.h, avlt.c: Threaded AVL tree library.
	- avltr.h, avltr.c: Right-threaded AVL tree library.
	- rb.h, rb.c: Unthreaded red-black tree library.

Each .c file in the library has a self-test routine built in, which
can be invoked by compiling it with SELF_TEST set to 1.  In addition,
there is a separate program thread-test.c that tests the functions
that convert among types of AVL trees.  To automatically run these
tests, type `make check' after you have configured the library with
`configure'.  For more information on how to configure and compile
libavl, see the file INSTALL included in this directory.

libavl is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), which
should be included in this directory in file COPYING.  This is not the
same as GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).  Please read the
license and become familiar with its terms.

Please send bug reports and enhancement requests for libavl to Ben
Pfaff <>.

Share and enjoy!

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