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The GmbSprite widget is the simple sprite manipulation framework
that will be used in the next version of "Gnome Memory Blocks" 

Main goal was to write something intermediate between
plain GdkDrawingArea widget and the intelligent GnomeCanvas.
Actually, mostly all of event handling code was "stolen" from
GnomeCanvas. (and slightly uglified :))

At present moment gmb-sprite consists of the following
GTK+ widgets/objects:

* GtkWidget
    +---GmbSpriteArea (see gmb-sprite/gmb-sprite-area.h)

        Oversimplified "flicker guard" & container for GmbSprites.
	As a container it is similar to the GtkFixed, i.e. you
	have to specify sprites positions explicitly. 
	As a "flicker guard" it is similar to the GnomeCanvas in 
	not-antialiased mode; due to simplisity of (expected) using 
	there is no objects similar to GnomeCanvasItemGroup and all 
	GmbSprite's has rectangular shapes. You have to specify 
	the widget size manually using gtk_widget_set_usize()
	or to derive a subclass that implements `size_request' 
	GtkWidget's method.

* GtkObject

	That is the abstract class for sprites. Has some usefull methods
	like `move', `show'/`hide' and `lower'/'raise'.
	It also emits `event' signal for mouse events.

* GtkObject

	Just pixmap & mask.

* GtkObject

	It uses standard GdkPixbuf features to render itself with given 
	alpha value. It can also do `smooth' transformation of currently 
	displayed GdkPixbuf area to anouther one.
* GtkObject

	That is the animation container which we need only because 
	GdkPixbufAnimation structure is opaque.

* GtkObject

	This provide standard animation routines such as playing animation 
	in normal and reversed directions, in different loop modes 
	together with emiting "playback finished" signal. For demo
	program see `tests/test-animator'.
	is finished. See `test-animator' in the tests directory.

Vova Babin, <>.