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Gtk/Misc Category

This category includes Gtk (Gimp ToolKit) and applications that use it.

Package Name Description
Fm-0.2A Gtk plus based File Manager
GtkMyToolbar-0.2.0A programmers variant of the GtkToolbar widget
XNotesPlus-3.2Gtk version of Post-it notes for X
XRolyPoly-1.0An gtk address book
Xdialog-2.3.1Replacement for the dialog or cdialog programs
atk-2.24.0ATK is the Accessibility Toolkit
atk-2.28.1ATK is the Accessibility Toolkit
atk-2.8.0ATK is the Accessibility Toolkit
breaker-1.2.0A variation of Pressmans Mastermind game
chameleon-1.1.3Utility for controlling the X root window
cnotes-0.4A small notepad program for Gtk users
dia-0.97.2Program used to create diagrams
drawtool-3.2bGtk app that reads in vector geometry
easygtk-1.2A wrapper library for gtk programmers
epingle-0.4.9A Gtk interface builder and coder
exlate-0.1Euro Translator is a currency tool
gAcc-0.7.3A program to manage your bank accounts
gLife-0.05A derivate of The Game of Life
gaddr-1.1.4An address book written using the GTK+
gbuffy-0.2.2Multiple mailbox "biff" program
gcalendar-0.6.0A new calendar widget for the gtk toolkit
gcolor-0.4A simple colour selector
gdis-0.72.5Program to display isolated molecules and periodic systems
gftp-2.0.19Graphical FTP client
gftp-2.9.1bGraphical FTP client
giv-0.1Image viewer based on gtk_image_viewer
gmas-1.1.0Gtk version of the more command
gmb_sprite-0.1A sprite manipulation framework for GTK
gnet-2.0.8A a simple network library for Glib
gob-1.0.11A preprocessor for making GTKplus objects
gpasman-1.3.0Your personal password manager
gpcl-0.0.8The GTK Pattern Creation Lab
gperiodic-2.0.10Displays a periodic table of the elements
gperiodic-3.0.2Displays a periodic table of the elements
gperiodic-3.0.3Displays a periodic table of the elements
gps-1.0A Gravitational Particle Simulator
gqview-2.0.4Image viewer for Unix
grun-0.8.1Application launcher similar to Windows Run dialog
gtimer-1.1.5Utility to keep track of time spent on different tasks
gtkGL-0.9Libs to combine OpenGL or Mesa with Gtk
gtk_canvas-0.1A gtk widget
gtk_engines-0.12This package provides four sample theme engines for GTK+
gtk_extra-0.99.15Widgets for creating GUI's
gtkballs-1.04The clone of well-known game "Lines"
gtkcookie-0.03An editor for Netscape cookie files
gtkdiff-1.7.0This is a diff front-end program using GTK+
gtkeyboard-0.98.5An application meant to help disabled users
gtkfind-1.1A graphical file finding program
gtkglmateria-1.0.0Library using gtkglarea widget
gtkplot-5.0A widget for GTK+
gtksheet-9.0A programmers Matrix/Table widget for Gtk+
gtkstep-1.7A theme-engine to improve the GTK+ look and feel
gtktetcolor-0.3A gtk game
gtkxmhtml-1.1.2HTML-rendering GTK widget library
guichooser-0.1.0A tool for changing from one window manager to another
gview-0.1.15GTK+/Imlib based image viewer
gwget-0.3.2A front-end for the wget program
gxset-0.3A graphical frontend to the X tool xset
iv-0.0.1An image viewer with real time interactive pan
pango-1.34.1A library for layout and rendering of text
pango-1.40.12A library for layout and rendering of text
pango-1.40.8A library for layout and rendering of text
pangox-0.0.2Compatibility library for handling X fonts
pavuk-0.9pl25cAn HTTP spider
pdq-2.2.1Gtk front_end for print subsystem
quicklist-0.8.6Allows users to keep track of things
slik-0.4.1An skin utility
spruce-0.6.5GTK mail client
vdk-1.2.0A C++ Wrapper over the GTK+ library
webdesigner-0.0.20An HTML editor for unix/linux systems
wxGTK-2.8.12GTK+ port of the wxWidgets GUI library
xchat-1.4.3A graphical IRC client that runs on UNIX like systems
xdict-1.0.2English to German translator for X11
xwatch-0.1.0Tool to monitors one or several files