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This is the set of GNU shar utilities.

"sharutils" is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 (or, at your
option, any later version).

'shar' makes so-called shell archives out of many files, preparing them for
transmission by electronic mail services.  'unshar' helps unpacking shell
archives after reception, though once the shars are extracted into a file, any
Bourne derived shell should be able to unpack it, too.  The core of both
programs is initially derived from public domain.  Some modules and other code
sections are freely borrowed from other GNU distributions, bringing 'shar'
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

'uuencode' prepares a file for transmission over an electronic channel which
ignores or otherwise mangles the eight bit (high order bit) of bytes.
'uudecode' does the converse transformation.  They are derived from the BSD
NET/2 distribution, but enchanced with the features described in recent POSIX
standards.  If you have more powerful 'uuencode' and 'uudecode' already
available, you may want to use './configure --disable-uucode' to prevent their

The sharutils package is internationalized, including the generated shell
scripts.  As described in the 'ABOUT-NLS' file, you have various options for
handling this internationalization.  This package is special in that it needs
the GNU message catalog files to be installed.  Therefore it might be a good
idea to always use the GNU gettext functions and not the functions provided by
your system.  This is of course not needed if your system uses GNU gettext in
its system library.

See file 'ABOUT-NLS' for how to customize this program to your language.
See file 'COPYING' for copying conditions.
See file 'TODO' for a list of things people have thought about doing.
See file 'INSTALL' for compilation and installation instructions.
See file 'NEWS' for a list of major changes in the current release.
See file 'THANKS' for a list of contributors.

Your feedback will help us to make a better and more portable product.  Mail
suggestions and bug reports (including documentation errors) for this program
to ''.

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