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  GNU Gengetopt

This program generates a C function that uses /getopt_long/ function to
parse the command line options, to validate them and fills a /struct/ .

Thus your program can now handle options such as:

myprog --input foo.c -o foo.o --no-tabs -i 100 *.class

And both long options (those that start with --) and short options
(start with - and consist of only one character) can be handled. For
standards about short and long options you may want to take a look at
the GNU Coding Standards <> .

gengetopt is *free software*. Please see the file LICENSE and COPYING
for details.
Notice that: Use of gengetopt _does not impose any particular license on
the generated code: the code generated is not under any license_.

For installation, please read the INSTALL file.

For documentation, please read the info documentation.

gengetopt is perfect if you are too lazy (like me) to write all stuff
required to call getopt_long, and when you have a
program and wish it took options.

Generated code works if you use /GNU Autoconf/ or /GNU Automake/ .

Gengetopt has originally been written by *Roberto Arturo Tena Sanchez*
< <>>, and currently
maintained by *Tomas Volf* <> .

Gengetopt is a GNU <> program and its main home page
is at GNU site:


You can download it from GNU's ftp site: or from one of its mirrors (see ).

    Anonymous Git Checkout

This project's git repository can be checked out through 
the following clone instruction:

     git clone git://

Further instructions can be found at the address:

And the git repository can also browsed on-line at

Since version 2.22.4 of Gengetopt the CVS repository was 
dismissed in favor of Git ( 

*Tomas Volf*

gengetopt is free software. See the file LICENSE and COPYING for copying
conditions. Anyway we won't get offended if you send us a postcard :-)

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