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This is the GNU cpio package

* Introduction

GNU cpio copies files between archives and directories.  It supports
the following archive formats: old binary cpio, old portable cpio, SVR4
cpio with and without checksum, HP cpio, and various tar formats.

This file contains brief information about configuring and compiling
GNU cpio.  It is *not* intended as a replacement for the documentation,
and is provided as a brief reference only.

The complete documentation for GNU cpio is available in the subdirectory
doc.  To read it without installing the package run `info -f doc/',
or `man ./doc/cpio.1'.

The documentation in various formats is also available online at

* Building

A usual three-stage procedure applies:

 make install

See the file INSTALL for generic options to ./configure.

* Bug reporting.

Please send bug reports and suggestions to <>.

* Copyright information

Copyright (C) 2003-2007, 2009-2010, 2014-2015, 2017 Free Software
Foundation, Inc.

   Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute verbatim copies
   of this document as received, in any medium, provided that the
   copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved,
   thus giving the recipient permission to redistribute in turn.

   Permission is granted to distribute modified versions
   of this document, or of portions of it,
   under the above conditions, provided also that they
   carry prominent notices stating who last changed them.
Local variables:
mode: outline
paragraph-separate: "[ 	]*$"
eval: (add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'time-stamp)
time-stamp-start: "changes. "
time-stamp-format: "%:y-%02m-%02d"
time-stamp-end: "\n"