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Libsigc++ -- The Typesafe Callback Framework for C++

Distribution of library and components is under the LGPL as listed in the
file COPYING.LIB.  Examples and tests are Public Domain.

Contact info:
   Maintainer:  mailto:
   Maillist: mailto:

Overview of distribution:

   doc/          = documentation on the signal system
     API         - Stripped down header documentation        (beginner)
     FAQ         - Questions asked more than twice           (beginner)
     conventions - coding style conventions.                 (devel)
     UML         - How to read UML diagrams                  (advanced)
     diagrams    - UML diagrams for the signal system and 
                   handle management                         (advanced)
     powerusers  - How to do advanced stuff                  (advanced)
     requirements- What does this package require
     signal      - Detailed description of signal usage      (beginner)

   examples      = examples of various signal functions. 
   sigc++/       = source for library. 
     signal_system.h - base header needed for signal system. 
                 - the configure header which controls what features  
                   the compiler will use  (This is generated by configure
                   and installed in ${prefix}/lib/sigc++/include/)

   scripts/      = Automake junk.

   tests/        = programs testing and verifying proper behaviour
                       of libsigc++ tools
     handles/    - tests of mem managment tools              (advanced)
     signals/    - tests of signal system                    (beginner)

   win32/        = stuff included for building the VC++ port

To get a good overview of how to use the library read doc/signals.
To simple usage examples:  
  examples/  - hello world callback style. 
  examples/      - basic signal usage 
  tests/signals/ - slots in arrays for menu system
  tests/signals/ - connecting to functions
  tests/signals/ - connecting to objects