Library that fetches system related information

The information such as cpu load, memory usage and information about running processes.LibGTop is designed to be as portable as possible. None of the functions and retrieved information should be specific to a specific operating system. So you only need to port the system dependent part of the library to a new system and all application programs can then use libgtop on this new system.

There are run-time dependencies that need to be installed first. Why not use depothelper to install them all in one go?

Run-time dependencies:
audiofile db esound gettext glib gnome_lib gtk+ guile imlib
indent jpeg libpng ORBit tiff gettext libXpm libiconv zlib
Build-time dependencies:
ORBit audiofile db esound gcc gettext glib gnome_lib gtk+
guile imlib indent jpeg libpng make tiff xpm zlib
Operating System Architecture Package Type Package Size Date Archived View Contents? Download
HP-UX 11.00
32-bit PA-RISC 1.1Gzipped
Binary Depot
542 K4 Apr 2001YesHTTP FTP
HP-UX -Tarred/Gzipped
Source Code
1.03 MB4 Apr 2001YesHTTP FTP