A directory tree and file viewer

The file viewer is a convenience tool for scanning directories and viewing the contents of the files within them. The contents can be searched using the find menu option. Text can be selected and copied into the clipboard.

There are run-time dependencies that need to be installed first. Why not use depothelper to install them all in one go?

Run-time dependencies:
audiofile db esound gettext glib gnome_lib gtkglarea gtk+ imlib
indent jpeg libpng Mesa ORBit tiff gettext libXpm libiconv
Build-time dependencies:
Mesa ORBit audiofile db esound gcc gettext glib gnome_lib
gtk+ gtkglarea imlib indent jpeg libpng make tiff xpm
Operating System Architecture Package Type Package Size Date Archived View Contents? Download
HP-UX 11.00
32-bit PA-RISC 1.1Gzipped
Binary Depot
51 K1 Feb 2001YesHTTP FTP
HP-UX -Tarred/Gzipped
Source Code
194 K1 Feb 2001YesHTTP FTP