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This directory contains the GAIL library.

GAIL provides accessibility support for gtk+ and libgnomecanvas by
implementing AtkObjects for widgets in gtk+ and libgnomecanvas. The
GAIL library is a GTK+ module. For example, if the module is loaded in
a program which calls gtk_widget_get_accessible() for a GtkEntry an 
instance of GailEntry is returned. This module is normally used with the
atk-bridge GTK+ module from at-spi to allow an assistive technology, 
e.g a screenreader, to query or drive the program.

For more information about GAIL and accessibility in GNOME, see:

If you find any bugs in GAIL, please report them to
GAIL bugs are part of the 'atk' product in Bugzilla.


In order to get CVS gail installed on your system, you need to have
the most recent CVS versions of gtk+ and libgnomecanvas installed as well.
Note that  gtk+ requires glib/pango/atk and libgnomecanvas also requires
libart, pangoft2 and gnome-common. 


To compile a CVS version of gail on your system, you will need to take
several steps to setup the tree for compilation.  You can do all these
steps at once by running:

        cvsroot/gail# ./

Basically this does the following for you:

        cvsroot/gail# aclocal; automake; autoconf

        The above commands create the "configure" script.  Now you
        can run the configure script in cvsroot/gail to create all
        the Makefiles.

Before running or configure, make sure you have libtool
in your path.

Note that runs configure for you.  If you wish to pass
options like --prefix=/usr to configure you can give those options
to and they will be passed on to configure.