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XCountdown - X version of the popular Channel 4 quiz show, for 2 players.

Countdown is a daily British quiz show involving word games and number games.
This is a 2 player implementation of it, for the X Window System. Each player
has their own game window on their own display. The included OSPD (Official
Scrabble Players Dictionary, version 2 - all words up to 9 letters) is used
for the word games. Various algorithms are used to show the best possible
score for each game, after the players have attempted it. It also contains
some pictures of Carol Vorderman, who features on the show.

To configure:
	edit config.h - you will need to change this

To build:
	make Makefiles

There are two directories of source code. The first to be built is part of
Xc, the Control Panel Widget Set, v 1.3, copyright 1992 by Paul D.
Johnston.  The second is the main XCountdown code. This also contains the
CircPerc widget from the Free Widget Foundation, and an OS dependant
implementation of usleep(), if you need it, copyright 1991 by Patrick J.

If all goes well, you should have a executable xcountdown in the src/
directory. Most problems should be fixable by editing the Imakefile in the
appropriate directory. Copy the dictionary, src/OSPD_2-9.gz, to the location
you defined in config.h, and same for the logo, src/xcountdown.xpm.gz, and
then run the executable with one argument - the display of the second player.
Run it without any arguments for a short explanation.

NOTE: For the number round you need the bc command (basic calculator). This
must be pointed to by your $PATH variable. It is often in /usr/bin/bc.

Full help, and rules of the game, are available from within the program,
in the Extras menu.

Please tell me if you get it working, or send the errors if it fails
to build. Bug reports are also welcome. Make sure you mention which
system you are using. 

Have fun.

Matt Chapman.
E-mail: (no longer 
Version 1.08. Feb 1997.