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README for cgoban 1.9.13
   Cgoban (Complete Goban) is for Unix systems with X11.  It has the ability
to be a computerized go board, view and edit smart-go files, and connect to
go servers on the Internet.
   I'm keeping a mailing list of people interested in cgoban.  I will keep
the traffic very low.  All I send out are announcements when new versions
are ready, along with a description of what is new/fixed in the new version.
If you want these announcements, then please send  me mail at

   Cgoban uses the Gnu autoconf utility.  To build and run it, follow these

1) Unpack it.  You must have done this already to read this file.  Make sure
   that you "cd" into the cgoban directory (the directory that has this
   README in it).
2) Type "./configure".
3) Type "make".
4) Type "./cgoban".  If all went well you should be running cgoban.  Directions
   on using cgoban are all available through the "help" buttons.  For a
   list of command line switches available, try "./cgoban -help".
5) You can copy the cgoban executable to a directory on your PATH after you
   have built it. Then you can delete all the rest of the files - once you
   have built the binary, you don't need anything else.

   cgoban's build directories (that is, the directory that has this README
in it and all the subdirectories) take up a lot of disk space.  After you
build it, you need nothing but the binary.  You can install it by running
"make install" in the build directory; if you want to put it somewhere
besides "/usr/games/bin", then you should edit the Makefile, set "PREFIX"
to the place to put cgoban, then run "make install".  After you've installed
the binary, feel free to delete everything but the binary.

   The section below this lists some systems that are known to have trouble
building.  Check there to see if your system is on the list.
   The most common problem is systems that need special switches to run "cc".
Your C compiler MUST be an ansi-compatible c compiler.  If you have trouble
with "./configure" or if you have trouble compiling, try setting your
environment variable "CC" to be how to run your C compiler.  For example,
on some HP/UX systems "make" will break unless you set "CC" to be
"cc -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE".  On a csh-based system, you set this with:
  $ setenv CC "cc -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE"
and on an sh-based system you need to type two lines:
  $ CC="cc -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE"
  $ export CC
After setting CC, run "./configure" again and then "make" again to see if it
works better.
   Another problem is finding the X11 includes and/or libraries.  If they
aren't founds when you are compiling, try running configure again, but
this time try "./configure --x-includes=<DIR> --x-libraries=<DIR>" to
tell configure where your X includes and X libraries are.

   Needs CC set as above, and sometimes needs the X directory set
by hand (also as shown above).

Linux Elf
   Old Linux Elf libcs have a bug in sscanf that prevents cgoban from working
correctly.  If you can see the "games" window in client mode, then everything
is fine.  If you get an error window when you press the "games" button on the
client main window, then you need to get a newer version of libc and recompile.
I've heard that libc 5.3.12 works, so if you get that version or later you
should be OK.

   Some systems have broken long longs.  If you get an error referring to
"__ll_lshift" when you try to build, then edit obj-*/configure.h to change
"SIZEOF_LONG_LONG" to 0, then do a "make clean" then a "make".

   There seems to be some broken AIX compilers out there (or it may be a
bug in Cgoban that only shows up on AIX).  If your AIX system doesn't work
correctly try editing the Makefile and changing the CFLAGS line to have no
"-O" switch.  Then do a "make clean" then "make" and see if it works better.

   There are some Sparc X systems that have a bug.  When you start up cgoban,
your whole X server crashes.  If this happens to you, get an upgrade from
Sun (they do have a bug fix out that will fix this).

   See the help for the "setup" window.

   Everybody complains that you can't resize the boards.  Well, I'm working
on it.  In the meantime, PLEASE see the man page about the "cgoban -fontHeight"
switch.  With this you _can_ change the size of the board, but just not
"on the fly".  For example, "cgoban -fontHeight 14" will make the boards a
little bit bigger (12 is the default); "cgoban -fontHeight 10" will make the
boards a little bit smaller.

   This is just for testing out go modem protocol programs.  Run it like:
$ cgoban 4 -arena.size 9 -arena.komi 5.5 -arena.prog1
  "myprog-new" -arena.prog2 "myprog-old"

   This will play myprog-new against myprog-old for four games, alternating
who plays white and who plays black.  The output will look like:

	0 12.5
	1 0.5
	0 30.5
	0 3.5

   Which means that myprog-new won the first, third, and fourth games by
12.5, 30.5, and 3.5 points, while myprog-old won the second game by 0.5 points.
Note that myprog-new and myprog-old *MUST* play until all dead stones are
removed from the game, since the scoring function does *NOT* remove dead
stones in arena mode.  Scoring is done with Chinese rules so playing until
all the dead stones are gone won't count against your score.
   Arena mode is kind of hacked in mostly for my benefit, so sorry but it
isn't real user-friendly.

THE grab_cgoban SHELL SCRIPT
   If you use cgoban with a 12 point font, then the grab_cgoban shell script
will nicely take a snapshot of a cgoban board and save it as a .gif file.  For
this script to work, you must have either the "imagemagick" or "pbmplus"
packages installed.

If the patchlevel changes, then it's just bug fixes.  So for example 1.4.2
is just like 1.4.0 but some things that were broken are fixed.

   Alpha version.  Not all features are present.

   First beta version.  All features for the 1.0.0 release are present,
but there are still some blatant bugs.

   First full release.

   Lots-O-bug fixes!  Tons of them!
   Added support for "look" client command.
   Added a prompt for the client.
   Added ability to shift-click on a client game to move easily to a specific
move number.
   Added "Say/Both/Kibitz" radio button.
   Improved games list window to show flags, be more resizable, and
not crush columns together.   

   Spiffed up the configure window and added connect-with-telnet support for
the firewalled folks out there.

   Added the ability to try out variations on server games that you are
observing or playing in.

   Added file selector window, game info window, "Edit Game" buttons, and
keeping server game info around after the game ends.

   Added support for more than two servers, arena mode, and the anti-slip
option.  Also made it automatically run with no color if it can't get enough
instead of just whining about it.

   Added server "match" GUI.

   Added patches submitted by Jeremy Cooper to record window size and
fix an IGS bug.

   Moved to Sourceforge. Various patches submitted by other people.

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