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 Cgoban(6)                                                         Cgoban(6)
                               24 October 2002

      cgoban - X11 Go Toolset

      cgoban -help cgoban [ <options> ]

      Information on the switches is available with cgoban -help.  One
      switch that you may want to use is the cgoban -fontHeight size switch.
      This switch changes the size of everything that cgoban draws.  The
      default is 12; running cgoban -fontHeight 14 will make the board, etc.
      larger, while cgoban -fontHeight 10 will make it all smaller.  Any of
      the command line switches can be set instead with an X default.  For
      example, if you want to set black and white to be the default mode,
      you can run complete goban with cgoban -nocolor, or you can add
      cgoban*color: 0 to your X defaults.  Cgoban will store a new .cgobanrc
      file every time you run it.  In this file it will save the current
      state of cgoban.  This is handy; you don't normally have to set
      command line switches since cgoban will remember them in the .cgobanrc
      file.  However, it is possible that the .cgobanrc file gets some bad
      data in it.  Just delete the file and then you can start from scratch

      Kevin Sonney

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