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Package Name Description
4inarow-0.24Ascii art four in a row via tcp ip
SWINE-v1.3betaThe successor of the BRM client after release 3
acm-5.0Aerial combat simulator for multiple players
cgoban-1.9.14Complete Goban is a computerized go board
mazewar-1.13An implementation of the age-old MIT game
nadar-1.0A network tank battle game
qstat-2.11A program that displays information about game servers
spellcast-1.1A strange little strategy game
xcountdown-1.08A player implementation of the British quiz show
xpilot_ng-4.7.3A multi-player X Windows implementation of the Thrust game
xqf-0.9.3A Quake server browser and launcher for X11
zloe-0.5Another networking game