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GNU Shogi, release 1.4.2

This is release 1.4.2 of GNU shogi, a program which plays shogi
(Japanese chess), as well as xshogi, the graphical interface to GNU

GNU shogi and xshogi were originally written by Matthias Mutz
<>, have been maintained by Mike Vanier
<> in the 1.3.x era, by Luis Felipe Strano
Moraes <> until 1.4.0, and are now maintained by
Yann Dirson <>. GNU shogi was in turn based on GNU
Chess 4.0, i.e. the first version of GNU Shogi was obtained by
"simply" modifying the chess-specific parts of GNU Chess 4.0.  We
would like to thank the authors of GNU Chess 4.0 for making the
sources of that program available.

See the file NEWS for the new features of this release.

For the installation procedure read the file "INSTALL".  For more information
on shogi please look at the files in the doc directory or read the info file.

Please email bugs, comments, suggestions, and wish lists regarding GNU shogi
to me.  And enjoy the program :-)

Yann Dirson <>