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Games/Board Category

This category holds games which would normally be played on a board. It excludes packages which use the network in a server-client manner. A prominent example is the gnuchess game, with its associated X front-end xboard.

Package Name Description
3Dc-0.8.1A Chess game on three levels
Gtowers-0.1The classic Towers of Hanoi game
UChess-2.7A simple chess game for Unix Systems
affenspiel-1.0Nice little puzzle game for X11
codebreaker-1.2.1A variation of Pressmans Mastermind game
crafty-23.8Strong chess program
crafty-25.1Strong chess program
ct-0.11A circular block fitting game
dice-1.0A simple dice rolling utility
enigma-1.04An implementation of the Enigma puzzle game
gnuchess-5.08A strong GNU chess program
gnugo-3.8The Gnu game of Wei-Chi (or Go)
gnushogi-1.4.1Plays a game of shogi (Japanese chess) against the computer
gnushogi-1.4.2Plays a game of shogi (Japanese chess) against the computer
ishido-1.0A simple and intersting game for X11
jester-1.0X-based board game similar to Othello
kgames-1.0Kgames is a compendium of games
matritsa-0.1.1A matrix based game for kids
netrun-0.3.1b1A curses based game of intelligence
phalanx-22Strong freeware chess program
pig-3.0An implementation of Hearts like card game, pig driving
reve-1.4.0An Othello (aka reversi) board game
x4war-1.1A Chinese four-state war game for X11
xboard-4.7.3An X-Windows interface for chess program engines
xboard-4.9.1An X-Windows interface for chess program engines
xbomb-2.1An extension of minesweeper for X11
xbreaky-0.0.3A very simple Game
xcchess-1.0Xcchess is an X client for the chinese chess game
xfortress-2.0.1Is a strategy board game
xgosh-1.7A quick and easy game of Go
xhearts-1.0This is the initial release of multi-player hearts
xics-2.3X Windows interface to the Internet Chess Server (ICS)
xjig-2.4A puzzle for X-windows
xlife-5.0Conway's Game of Life for X Windows
xmahjongg-3.7An ancient Chinese board game
xminehunter-0.4A Motif minesweeper game
xmosaic-1.0A simple adaptation the PC/MS-DOS game of the same name
xpat2-1.04A Generic Patience Game for X11 systems
xpipeman3-3.1A game of skill for trainee plumbers
xquinto-1.0Colour all the squares game
xrisk-2.15X version of Risk(R) boardgame
xscrabble-2.10X version of the popular board game
xshogi-1.2.03X11 interface to the gnushogi Japanese chess program
xskat-4.0This is a card game called Skat
xsol-0.31A solitare program for X Windows written using Motif
xstratego-1.00An X windows based interface for two players
xtic-1.12Xtic is a board game designed for X windows
xvier-1.1An X Windows implementation of the popular Connect 4 game