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Package Name Description
BRMH-2.3The best version of Netrek we can find
XBlast-2.6bX11 version of the arcade game Bomberman (Dynablaster)
XWorm-1.02A simple screen chase game for X11
atc-1.0Air Traffic Control for emacs
ballandpaddle-0.7.1Game featuring balls, blocks, a paddle and powerups
dotmat-1.0A dot matrix LED for games programmers
fdm-1.3Trendy eye candy for the X Window System
galaxa-0.1A space game based loosely on Galaga
galaxis-1.10Ncurses-based space rescue game
galaxis-1.11Ncurses-based space rescue game
galaxis-1.8Ncurses-based space rescue game
galaxis-1.9Ncurses-based space rescue game
greasymouse-1.0It greases your mouse and makes it move easier
gslots-1.01A one armed bandit or slotmachine
icbm3d-0.4A missile game in 3D perspective
mirrormagic-1.3A colourful strategy game using mirrors to finish levels
nibbles-v0.0.4A remake of the classic Snake game in ncurses
oneko-1.2A cat chasing your mouse cursor
orbit-1.01A Space Combat Simulator
reed-3.3The strategy game of Greed
spider-1.1Solitaire type card game using two packs of cards
stones-0.9Stones of Asterind is a Mastermind clone
xasteroids-4.0A simple asteroids game
xbattle-5.4.1Multi-user battle strategy game for X windows
xbill-2.1A Motif-based game to stop little men installing Wingdows
xblast-2.2X11 version of the arcade game Bomberman Dynablaster
xbomber-0.8A multiplayer game for the X-Window system
xdemineur-2.1.1X11 minesweeper game
xfirepower-0.84Network game for X11 with tanks
xgalaga- colourful Galaxians-style shoot-em-up
xinvaders-2.1.1Space Invaders for X-Windows
xinvaders_3d-1.31A 3D Space Invaders clone for X11
xmines-1.02A simple "cross the minefield" game for X Windows
xmris-4.0.5A version of the Mr Do video arcade game
xpool-1.3An X windows implementation of the game of pool
xsok-1.02A Generic Sokoban Game for X11
xsokoban-3.3cGame involving pushing objects around a map