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 MOE(1)                            Moe 1.5                            MOE(1)
 User Commands                                                 User Commands

                                February 2013

      Moe - my own (text) editor

      moe [global_options] [[+line[,col]] file_name [file_options]]...

      GNU Moe - A powerful and user-friendly text editor.

           'global_options' are a mix of editor options and default
           file_options.  Most long option names have a negative form
           '--backup' '--no-backup'.

    Editor options:
      -h, --help
           display this help and exit

      -V, --version
           output version information and exit

      -1, --orphan
           put extra files in orphaned buffers

      -b, --backup
           create backup files (default)

      -B, --no-backup
           do not create backup files

      -e, --exit-ask
           make save-and-close ask always for confirmation

      -H, --smart-home
           go home, then go to first non-blank character

      -i, --ignore-case
           make search case insensitive by default

      -k, --keep-lines=<n>
           number of lines to keep for PgUp/PgDn

      -m, --max-windows=<n>
           max number of windows to show at once

      -n, --indent-step=<n>
           number of spaces to add when indenting a block

      -s, --search-wrap
           make search wrap at end of file

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 MOE(1)                            Moe 1.5                            MOE(1)
 User Commands                                                 User Commands

                                February 2013

      -u, --auto-unmark
           turn off highlighting after block copy or move

      -x, --rectangle
           rectangular block mode

    File options:
      -a, --auto-indent
           enable auto indent

      -l, --lmargin=<col>
           set left margin

      -r, --rmargin=<col>
           set right margin

      -o, --read-only
           make buffer read-only

      -O, --overwrite
           disable insert mode

      -w, --word-wrap
           enable word wrapping

      Report bugs to
      Moe home page:
      General help using GNU software:

      Copyright c 2013 Antonio Diaz Diaz.  License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3
      or later <>
      This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
      There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

      The full documentation for Moe is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If
      the info and Moe programs are properly installed at your site, the

           info Moe

      should give you access to the complete manual.

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